Drag n’ Drop Your Fans from Facebook to the Radio!

It’s probably not as easy as the title suggests.  However … there are some know-able, practical things you can do to get your listeners from their social media news feed to turning on your radio station.

In the PPM world, smart PDs are working to create listening appointments.  That’s when they have a prize to give away or a feature to air that they believe listeners will want to tune in for: “Your next chance at Brad Paisley tickets is coming up between 1:10 and 1:25 … ninth caller’ll get ’em on K-Frog!”

Note that making an appointment means more than just saying, “listen all day today!”  That’s not an appointment.  A specific time … or a tight window of time … is how you set an appointment.  Plus, you need something that listeners will change their schedule to listen for.  The thinking is that you can build the number of listening occasions you get, which ultimately helps raise your overall share of audience.

Here are some examples of good listening-appointment-setting using social media:

Sunny 99.1 is the big AC brand in Houston.  Do you think that there are some Texas women who might tune in to find out what the two words are that a man must say for a long and strong marriage?  Boy, howdy!

Not only did Sunny tell them when to listen … they gave them a link to listen online.  Plus, they ID themselves as “Sunny 99.1 – Houston’s Official at Work Station,” meaning fans can see their power words every time Sunny shows up on their Facebook wall.  Sweet execution on this one … I’m even getting a little verklempt!

A Pacific Northwest musician who is appearing on TV on “The Voice” came and played live for KINK/Portland in their performance lounge.  The local TV station wrote it up for their website, and got video footage of it.  KINK used that link to build interest in hearing the performace on KINK’s morning show.

So, here’s another solid listening appointment that fits the format and includes a media-rich link.  That link should help get people in to hear her at 8:30am when Dave & Sheila, the morning show, airs the performance.

Plus, the extra comments from listeners help build the power and legitimacy of this listening appointment.

Often, listening appointments are about winning big prizes.  But these three examples of using social media to create listening appointments have nothing to do with extravagant prizes.  They’re all about content that fits the brands of the individual stations.

Here’s Rhythmic CHR Jam’n 94.5 in Boston using one of their core artists who’s making an appearance at their big summer concert event.  Could this get some Jam’n fans to turn on the radio while kicking off their workday?  I’ll bet it could.  What a bonus if those folks didn’t have their radios on in the first place.


Sunny, KINK and Jam’n weren’t trying to be online friends … they were managing their brands.  They took what they knew their listeners like about them, and built that into listening appointments.  Then, they used their free social media to market those appointments to some of their most passionate fans who decided to follow them on Facebook.

What could you do that would build YOUR brand in a similar way?

Chris Miller


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