What Radio Brands Can Learn About Social Media From … Target

On the air, our radio brands are often finely crafted to sound a certain way, and speak in a certain style.

Too often, on our branded Facebook pages, there’s no real thought to how we’re coming across.  So here’s a study in a unique brand voice.

Target always talks to their social media fans in one very particular style.  It’s a very friendly, low-key, briefly-stated style that tends to stand out on Facebook.  It doesn’t clash with real friends, but at the same time, gets the message across about what Target’s all about.  It’s pretty darn focused for being as easy-going as it is!

Even though they’re talking to over four million fans, their style is more like a friendly, witty neighbor who also happens to own a giant store packed to the gills with things you could buy.

While Walmart, for example, is promoting and selling and suggesting on their Facebook page, Target is posting stuff like:

Nothing about prices or sales or deadlines.  It’s all posts that almost assume you already like shopping at Target, and you just need to be reminded of what a good time you have coming in.

That fits with what we’ve been telling you about the people who like your radio brands’ Facebook pages:  they are among your biggest fans.

In these two posts, above, we’ve dealt matter-of-factly and in a friendly manner … with toilet paper and deodorant.  Experienced sellers have told me there’s a time to shut up and quit selling or you’ll screw up the deal.  Here, Target is making the logical assumption that if people are Liking them on Facebook, they don’t have to sell hard.  They just have to remind and encourage and engage.

Just another good example of the Target brand voice.  If you’ve ever pushed a cart up and down a store’s aisles with kids, you know you’re working.  Almost four thousand people liked this post, however!  Another four hundred commented.  Think Target is building bonds?

Then, there’s this topical post:

Again, no selling, pressuring or cajoling.  Plus, it’s a pretty sweet way to talk … between the lines … to your biggest fans about them coming to work for you.

Let’s say YOUR brand fans don’t need promoting, they just need some encouraging and engaging.

Plus, you could write your posts in a style that fits with your brand.

What would your Facebook page start to look like?

Chris Miller


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