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Here’s another reason for joining our Facebook page.  We show you news about social media and digital content and trends that you might have missed … and that might make a difference in how you do things.


Your radio brand’s Facebook page might be gaining new fans all the time.  However, you don’t know how many people are hiding you.  When you get hidden, you don’t know it … and you can be permanently invisible to those people who hide you.  Here are the big reasons why people drop you like a stone.  Note that the three big reasons are because you post too often; because they have too many marketing messages in general on their wall; and because your content becomes boring over time.

10 Most Popular Reasons for “Unliking” Branded Facebook Pages

If you’re worried about people dropping you because you post too often, keep your posts very short and free of hype.


I found this story about how will have an “apply for this job” button at partner employment sites.  So, if you have your resume’ and other info all loaded at LinkedIn, you can easily apply for those jobs you see posted online.

LinkedIn To Launch Job Application Button

I don’t have the answer to this yet … but some radio stations live and die by at-work listening.  Is there a way for them to create a presence at LinkedIn?  It could be a special group for station fans.  Or, it might be a B2B project, where you’d create a way to talk with agencies, buyers, clients and potential clients who both like listening to your station, and want to advertise on it.


I hate awards shows.  However, I still remember the first TV awards show I watched where I was on Facebook at the same time.  It was some Country awards show, and as a Country PD, I pretty much had to be on top of it.  However, trading comments and quips with other radio and label friends via social media was a ton of fun!

So, at some point, will media be measured not just as to who’s listening/watching and when … but will we be measured on engagement, too?  Here are the top ranked TV shows on social media engagement …

Which TV Shows Are the Most Social?

… and, here’s a piece on a TV show that has consciously created a “second screen” experience for its fans:

USA Network Builds Second Screen Experience Around “Psych”


Jet Blue is one of the newer airlines in the sky.  Their media plan is heavily reliant on their digital strategy.  If you were starting a new station or flipping formats tomorrow, you would have all sorts of new media tools … including social media … to build your success on.  Would you know what to do?

How JetBlue’s Social Media Strategy Took Flight

Chris Miller


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