Blog Name is Different. Everything Else is the Same.

I’ll still be blogging every weekday about social media for radio and other digital content issues … but I’ve changed the name of the blog (and the Facebook page) to match the name of my new business.

I’ve also updated a couple of thoughts as to how I can help you … check the “Service Plans” page link in the upper right corner.

The reason to put brand-building content on all your different platforms is not because all the cool kids are doing it.  It’s because it will help you reach your goals.

However, it takes a smart digital strategy to do so.  Plus, it takes brains and discipline to stick to the plan, so you reach your goals.

In the 1-month plan, you and I come up with a strategy to integrate content across your platforms … on-air, your website, your social media, and even what you do in public at events and remotes.  A key part of this is using all your media platforms with your goals in mind … ratings, web hits, revenue, expenses, and so on.  Plus, we do it from a brandfocused, listenercentered model, so that your big fans get what they love and expect about your brand, no matter how they choose to enjoy you.

With the 6-month plan, you get the above … and I continue to work with you and your key people to grow, adjust and fine-tune your digital strategy over time.  You get on-going support, ideas, coaching and guidance.  This puts your plan into action, and makes sure you stay on course.

Let’s make your website and your social media key parts of your brand, instead of a distraction that just keeps you at work later at night!


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