Making a “Like” Worth Something Meaningful

Every study of why people “Like” different brands on Facebook shows pretty consistent answers.  One thing that they all want is special deals.

That means something different for radio brands than it does for, say, retailers or tangible products.  For instance, last week, we showed some examples of radio brands using Facebook to set listening appointments on the air.

Here’s another “deal” you can offer your brand page fans.  Give them insider information that others may not have yet.

If you’re not up on Country music, Ronnie Dunn is half of Brooks & Dunn, the superstar duo who recently split up.  Ronnie Dunn is now a solo act.  There’s a huge interest in good new music in this format, especially from the star performers.

So, here, 99.5 WYCD in Detroit used social media to create a link to a preview of Ronnie Dunn’s new project. That’s good use of your fans, recycling them to your website to hear something good.  It’s good branding, too, and … it’s insider information for their Facebook fans.  Those fans would undoubtedly call this a more useful link than, say, if you asked how they’re dealing with the heat.

Super-simple, direct … and advance notice of something good to win.  Twenty words.  Pittsburgh’s 105.9 The X really nails it home with this one.  Notice how you almost can’t even just glance at it without starting to read it; that’s a big advantage over a long, chatty text.  That means more people will take action on it, because more people will actually read the darn thing.

You know that I like to use links in this situation … but this is so simple and sweet that it’s good the way it is.

Aside from the fact that this is a very chatty post … it’s an interesting way that LA’s 100.3 The Sound is giving their Facebook fans a chance to contribute to the sound of the station.  Engagement, interaction?  Yes on both counts.  Remember that your social media fans index higher in your most hardcore fans, and you can see why something like this would be attractive for them.

The post could be shortened by about half to raise the chance of people reading the whole thing.  Remember that social media is not email.  The more ruthless editing you do, the higher the likelihood of people reading … and acting on … what you post.  The photo is good, too, to attract attention.


Do you see the power in these three posts?  They give extra advantages to people on your list of fans.  They also are geared towards building your stats where it counts … listening occasions and web hits.  Brand-building counts, and these three posts are more likely to do that than a post that says, “Hey, graduates, congratulations!”

Chris Miller

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