What Radio Brands Can Learn From … Oreos

Yeah, I know.  Yum.

The Oreo brand has an interesting Facebook page.  Over 20 million people around the world have “Liked” this page.  They do a Fan-of-the-Week contest each week, which seems just to be a chance to have your photo posted on the Facebook page.  They have a few promotional posts, mostly about new flavors or packages of their product.

However, much of what they say is just to trigger simple feelings of pleasure about Oreos.

Many radio brands are struggling with what to post as digital content, and what to say in social media.  Meanwhile, they’re overlooking the power of the simple feelings of pleasure that our fans get while listening to our stations.  So, here’s some of what Oreo is posting in their social media.

Could you say things in this vein about the music you play, and have people respond?

One of the most powerful things that music-based stations do is simply connect listeners … instantly … with songs that create strong emotions.  The songs and the feelings may be different from format to format, but the intensity of the emotions is real.

For news/talk stations, being informative … and airing controversial talk hosts … can drive two separate emotions.  News can create feelings based on the content of the story, or the listener might just feel satisfied or intellectually challenged from learning the day’s headlines.  In addition, controversial talk hosts may be the most powerful emotional weapon that radio has right now!

So, what can YOU say that reflects the basic emotion that your fans get from hearing your brand?

Chris Miller

One comment

  1. Michael Girard

    Plucking the emotional strings of consumers and in the case of radio, listeners, is the sweet spot of marketing. You highlight a great example with Oreo’s Facebook page and one that I had not visited before. Radio stations are really beginning to take an interest in social media and as a whole you can see the industry become more sophisticated in it’s approach to content development and engagement with fans.

    Mining the information available on the social web using a social media monitoring platform is an ideal way to learn exactly what listeners are saying about the brand, radio personalities, and content. (Disclourse: I work for Radian6) Social media monitoring tools can make a science out of determining the sentiment behind comments on the social web related to a radio station and take the guess work out of determining what is creating that emotional connection with their fans.

    This was a great article with food for thought!

    Michael Girard
    Community Engagement, Radian6

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