News Update: Get Smarter About Social Media!

Here’s some social media developments and observations that, if you’re a fan of the Chris Miller Digital Facebook page, you got to see this past week.


Soren Gordhamer brings together talented digital and tech types with spiritual thinkers for regular conferences and meetings, to explore how to experience the modern world with so much content coming at us.  He wrote a piece recently asking three questions:

  1. How do we live continually connected without being continually distracted?
  2. How do we filter the stream to get what is most essential?
  3. How much social media can I actually consume?

Read the piece here:

3 Pressing Questions Facing the Future of Social Media


Here’s where radio brands are really lucky:  having a broadcast signal means it’s that much easier to get people to check out your website, social media, and other digital offerings and tools.

However … we know that just saying “join us on Facebook” is NOT enough to get people there.  There has to be a hook.  There has to be a benefit.

Here are some examples of how folks in other industries have tried that lately.

6 New & Innovative Social Media Campaigns to Learn From

You can see that this new medium is something that people are really wrestling with.  We’re still figuring out what works, when, and how.  What I’d like you to take away is that it can take time … and repeated messaging … and a message that cuts through (because it’s so clear, or benefit-oriented, or creative).  The more true fans you have on your Facebook page, the more you can treat them to special stuff and use them to help you reach your goals.  Keep trying stuff to move them!


Here’s a good way to learn from others’ mistakes … and maybe your own, too.  Many of us have headed off down one of these roads before!

11 Social Media Mistakes Your Company Must Avoid

Those of us who have been doing radio for a while … and do what we do almost instinctively, without thinking hard about how people use the medium … can get tripped up by digital tools.  They are another medium, so there’s some basic knowledge there that we have.  However, it’s easy to get tripped up by what we think we know that we don’t know at all.


We all have places on our websites where people have to register for something … email databases, prize points, other contesting, commenting on pages, whatever.  So here are some examples of how different folks are doing it:

9 Well-Designed User Registration Pages To Learn From

You’ve spent time registering on other sites, I’m sure … sometimes, they work really smoothly and quickly.  Sometimes, they’re a real headache!  How is yours working?  Get a couple of people around the office to try using your registration page(s), and see where they get hung up.


Facebook is taking steps to show you what your friends are reacting to now, so that you can see it quickly and more easily than before.  This could have implications on how we, as brand people managing social media feeds, use Facebook to connect with our fans.

Facebook Testing Real-Time “Happening Now” Feed

This could mean that we’d want to make sure that we are posting content on Facebook that people are a) clicking links for, b) commenting on, or c) “Liking.”  It depends on how big a development this is.  It might be that a “Happening Now” feed drives people to content first, or it might be a distraction.  Stay flexible!

Chris Miller


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