Get ‘Em Out Having Fun

While you’re working 50 or 60 hours a week, doing the job that it took 2 or even 3 people to do just a couple of years ago … it might be hard for you to believe this.  Your fans think that their favorite radio station knows what there is that’s fun to do in town!

Do you have an Events Guide at your website?  If you feel like you struggle for “lifestyle” or “relatable” content for your social media, keep your website updated with format-related concerts.  Keep it freshly stocked with things your target might want to do with their family, or stuff that would make a fun, cheap Saturday night date.

Remember, it’s not quantity that counts; it’s quality.  Don’t make them scroll through a lengthy list of seminars and meetings to find the fun stuff.

Then … use that stuff on the air and in social media.

Since people basically accept and expect you to be an expert in this area, they’ll respond to the idea of an events guide or list of fun stuff to do at your website.  You can get people to check out your website when you tell them something fun to do on the air, and let them know they’ll learn more online.

Also, you can use your online events guide to create links from your social media to your website.  This is stuff that can be instantly relatable and actionable for your target.  In other words, it’ll get ’em clicking your links when you post this stuff on Facebook.  You can say, “The Legacy Village Mid-Summer Kids Carnival is today until 7pm, with lots of free, fun stuff for the kiddos to do,” and include a link to your online events guide.  Instant good stuff for your target!

Make sure that someone on your staff is keeping your online events guide updated regularly, and you’ve got good, branded content that your target wants to learn.  Use it to get people moving from your broadcast and your social media to your website!

Read more on this topic here.

Chris Miller


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