What We Can Learn From … Our Own Broadcasts

There have been lots of cool ideas for getting more fans for branded Facebook pages.  Just Google “creative Facebook marketing campaigns,” and you’ll get all sorts of ideas.

However, you, as a radio brand, have an advantage that other non-broadcasters don’t have.  It’s your transmitter.  Follow the logic here:

  • Your brand already has big fans … they give you the bulk of your listening occasions.
  • People who follow a brand on Facebook tend to be a big fan of that brand, looking for more interaction with them.
  • You can work to get your big fans, slowly but surely, to your Facebook page, so you can use it like a VIP list.

The key is to continually offer some benefit to get your fans to join you on Facebook, or follow you on Twitter if that’s what makes sense.  Luckily, good radio stations have been telling listeners the benefits of listening to their broadcast for years.  Now, we just have to take that ability, and let people know why it’s in their interest to visit us online.  There have to be benefits … there have to be reasons … for people to follow our social media or visit our websites.

What you offer them could be a special contest.  Or, what you offer them might be some chance to get regular info or updates of some sort that would be valuable to a fan of your station.  In other words, there might be something intrinsic about your brand that you could let them get close to.

For example, if you’re a country station, you could hold aside a small number of all the concert tickets you give away in a year’s time so you always have a contest going for your Facebook fans.  You can even do a special landing page on Facebook to highlight this.  On the other hand, you could give people a chance to hang with the morning show one day.  Or, be an honorary roadie at a major station event, where they get an all access pass.  Remember, using social media is a way to focus in on your biggest fans.  You can give them special stuff … prizes, info, whatever … that regular folks don’t have access to.  They don’t have access because they’re not following you on Facebook!

Because you have a transmitter, you can talk about whatever you do that’s special to drive people to your website and your social media.  That’s a big advantage that other online brands don’t have! You just have to give them a special reason to do so.  It’s not enough to say “Like us on Facebook” or “Follow us on Twitter.”  People just aren’t curious or bored enough to check you out just because you said to do so.   There needs to be a good reason, or a real benefit.

So, talk on the air about why it’s in their interest to check you out online.  And keep working on making your website a place with deep, focused content that fits your brand, giving them a reason to come back.  And, keep working to make your Facebook page helpful in getting the most out of your brand … don’t just use it to be social.

I think you’ll find the dividends pay off.  When you get past the newness and the coolness of social media, you realize … as you probably are now … that it’s just another medium.  It has some similarities to other media, and some differences.  But it’s yours, and it’s a way of moving people around to all your delivery platforms, to help you meaningfully reach your goals.


One comment

  1. Michael Girard

    Providing value to your listeners who engage with your social media and web properties is hugely important. Without fresh and engaging content your efforts will most certainly stagnate.

    What content you develop and what resources you put towards that content is another important layer to developing a successful and sustained presence on the social web. A professional strategy that clearly identifies your goals will help clarify these aspects.

    When just beginning it’s best to think of it in terms of Return on Engagement, especially if your business or radio station managers aren’t convinced that the effort is worth the resources. It allows one to begin small and once the growth in your community can be quantified you can begin to justify that more resources are required. I

    Good blog. Thanks for sharing.

    Michael Girard
    Community Engagement, Radian6

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