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Yes, we’re posting on Sundays now, as part of our new Sunday through Thursday schedule.

When you’re a “Like-r” of the Chris Miller Digital Facebook page, you get to see selected news updates and other info to help you do a better job with your digital tools.  Here’s some of what we’ve clued you in to recently.


Guy Kawasaki is a Silicon Valley venture capitalist and a former Apple marketer.  At one point, he explained the thinking behind a number of things he does on Twitter.  I still believe that Twitter is best as a bulletin service, when you want to tell someone something important but you don’t care if they listen to you or go to your website right now.  It’s also good as a personal communication tool; for example, you might use it as Pandora does to increase PR and help your customer service efforts.

However, Guy has some good stuff to say.  For instance, it’s fine to Tweet the same thing multiple times per day.  It’s also good to focus on your brand instead of just talkin’ ’bout stuff, if that’s what’s important to you.

How I Tweet


Daniel Astandig, in a recent connected column for Radio-Info, hit on a favorite topic of mine.  If you’re a radio or TV station, how do you get people to go to your website?  All too often, we just say, “check us out at This-Radio-Station-dot-com!”

Daniel comes up with three good specific ideas to incorporate in what you say on your own air: include your website in your content teases; every personality should have a “show outside the show;” and give the visual online.

Read more about each of these points when you click below …

Three Programming Pointers to Drive TV and Radio Station Website Traffic


NBC’s “The Voice,” which is sort of American Idol 2.0, relies heavily on social marketing.  However, they do so not as a way to build awareness or loyalty; it’s part of the show.

Could you do this … or even a little part of it … for your radio or TV brand?  How could you use Facebook or Twitter as an intrinsic part of what you do on the radio?  We had a couple of ideas for radio morning shows here, here and here.  We also like this article about how it works on “The Voice:”

The Voice: How a TV Show Became a 24/7 Social Media Conversation


So how much Facebooking are we doing?  16% of the time we’re online … we’re on social media.  That’s a lot of posting, tweeting, interacting, youtubing and engaging.  Is it any wonder that it’s been speculated that Facebook will eventually be it’s own major form of media, like radio and TV?

Social Networking Accounts for 1 of Every 6 Minutes Spent Online


What Facebook has accomplished with their “Like” button, Google is attempting to do with their new “+1” feature.  However, it’ll work differently.  When you endorse things you find on Google by clicking your +1 button, that info will show up when people in your social circle search for topics you’ve weighed in on.

For instance, if I click +1 on our neighborhood pizza joint … when you go searching on Google for pizza, you might be influenced and act on my +1 instead of choosing something else in your search list.

Right now, Google is still calling this an experiment.  You can take part in it here.  You can read more about Google’s +1 button below:

Google +1 Button Explained: What Happens When You Click It

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