What Radio Brands Can Learn From … Zappos

Do you know about Zappos?  Zappos is an online clothing and shoes retailer who made themselves exceptional with customer service.  While almost all companies at least pay lip service to customer service, these guys at Zappos.com are fanatical about it.

If you dig in to the website, pretty soon you find comments from fans about how delighted they were with how they were treated, and how fast they got what they wanted.  I even spent some time poking around in customer reviews of different clothes they sell.  In those clothing reviews, a number of people spent more time talking about how much they loved the service than they spent talking about the clothes themselves!

If you bring up the topic of Zappos.com in a group of friends or co-workers, I’ll bet that … if anyone recognizes them … their comment isn’t “Oh, yeah, they’re OK … not bad.”  More likely, someone will get all bug-eyed all of a sudden, and excitedly tell you how awesome it was to order something from them.

So here’s what this has to do with social media and web content:  their Facebook page is almost entirely comments from customers, gushing about the service.  Every now and then, Zappos.com will post something.  Generally, those posts are unmemorable.  What is amazing is the steady stream of love from their Facebook fans.  Here are some random posts I found, in this order, while I was writing this post.  Click on any of these to see the most current posts for Zappos.com:

To me, all this customer-generated content is far more powerful and brand-building than anything Zappos could have posted.  Reading all these reviews made me want to get online and buy something from them!

If you “Like” Zappos.com on Facebook, these rabid customer service appreciation posts will show up on your wall every couple of hours or so.  How powerful would it be if, every couple of hours, one of your fans posted something about you that showed up on a whole lot of other peoples’ Facebook walls?

So, my question is … is there anything that radio can do to generate this sort of passion and loyalty from our fans?  What if you were known for something that made so many people so happy and excited that they handled your social media for you?  Exceeding expectations comes into play, I’m sure … any ideas?

Chris Miller 


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