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On Chris Miller Digital’s Facebook page, we cover news that I think might help you do a better job with your social media and web content.  Or, sometimes, there’s something there to just expand your mind about possibilities.  Here’s what you could have seen this past week.


A gunman fled capture in Utah, and holed up inside a hotel room with a hostage.  He was in a stand-off with the cops for 16 hours.  During that time, he was updating his Facebook status, and uploading photos of himself and his hostage.

On the article that the link below takes you to, you can read his posts, and what his friends were writing in return … and see a couple of shots (so to speak) of him and his hostage.

BTW, last I heard, he was still in critical condition from bullet wounds.  The hostage was freed unharmed.

Here’s What the Utah Gunman Posted to Facebook During Standoff


Do you offer daily deals on your radio brand’s website?  Perhaps you offer weekly discount certificates instead, or some other regular cheap-but-not-free deals.  Lots of stations do.  There’s no shortage of them these days.

Now, T-Mobile is jumping into the mix with a smartphone app that is actually a daily deals aggregator.  It’ll pull in geographically-correct deals for you from Living Social and a number of other places.

So, how do you make yours stand out?  Are you branding your daily deals to one of your personalities?  Are you committing some sales inventory in good dayparts to these deals?  Are they easy to find and purchase on your website?

Furthermore … if you want to be local, are you finding good stuff to offer in your daily deals?  These are like songs.  The more popular your daily deals are, the more people will come back to check them out.

Here’s the article, below, with a final thought.  I live in Cleveland and still have my cell number from Atlanta.  I get Atlanta ads on my phone apps that have advertising.  Surely I’m not the only one who’s in this situation … not gonna take advantage of Georgia deals, but might hear something good in Ohio on the radio!

T-Mobile USA Offers a Daily Deals App


Social media is changing the way people do business, and has led to some major changes in business.  You may even have a story to tell about your radio brand.  I’ll bet the sales department would like to turn it into a one-sheet if it’s a really good story.

Here are some examples of some success stories that are being told graphically.  Pretty interesting, dramatic stuff.  If you’re a fan of good communication graphics, you’ll enjoy these.

10 Beautiful Social Media Infographics


A movie trailer is like a jock break in that you can only cram so much information into it, and still be entertaining.  Then, you have to send people to the web for deep, focused information.  Motion pictures are now using not just their own websites, but also Facebook to introduce films to listeners.

You might get a bright idea that would apply to your radio station from one of these stories.

How Movie Marketers Are Innovating on Facebook


Rick Sanchez … yes, that Rick Sanchez, who used to work for CNN … has a recent piece where he explains why he things Tumblr is the new Twitter.  For journalists, he points out, Tumblr is as immediate as Twitter, but more flexible.  Tumblr is currently the hottest up-and-coming blogging site, in part because of that ease and flexibility.

Move Over Twitter … Make Room for Tumblr

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