Will You Give Them What They Want?

Broadcasting … and probably every single successful business in the country … is based on a simple formula.

  • Figure out what your target customer wants
  • Give it to them without fail

That’s why, at the Hip Hop station, we don’t get bored and decide to start playing Incubus.  But how about on the digital side?  Yup, there’s plenty of radio websites whose content doesn’t match what people are hearing on the radio.  There are plenty of radio Facebook pages that have nothing to do with the brand.

In the last year, they’ve started doing studies to find out what people want from brands who go on social media.  This article sums up two of those studies … one for Facebook, one for Twitter.  Let’s go through the big things people want from you on social media … and what you can do as a radio brand to thrill your followers:

Updates/New Info First:  The list of your social media followers is chocked full of some of your biggest fans.  So, to offer them the information they crave and make them feel included, you can tell them about all the new stuff you do.  This might include new songs you add … new contests or promotions you do … a new morning show feature … a special theme weekend … and so on and on.  What it takes is the personal commitment and leadership to consistently tell your Facebook fans about this stuff.

Discounts & Promotions/Get a “Freebie”:  This is different for broadcasters than it is for retailers.  Here’s a way to start:  give your digital fans an extra way to win something for every big on-air contest you do.  If you give away concert tickets all week long on the radio, spiff your Facebook fans with an extra way to win a pair that you don’t talk about on-air.  Think about the good stuff you give away.  If you do a reduced-price gift certificate promotion, make the link active a day before it goes live on your website … and let your social media fans use it before the general public can do so.  Get creative and think about what else you can do like this.

Show Others They Support the Brand:  If you wanted evidence that a bunch of your super-fans are following you, here you are.  They want to be seen in your cyber-presence!  How should you use this information?  It doesn’t demand more content on your part … it means you should respect them with a personal response whenever they contact you.  If they post a question or comment via social media, someone should respond.  Meaningfully.  Graciously.  Taking the time for real interaction will reward these folks in the same way that a big prize would.  Can you say, “Fans for life?

It’s Fun & Entertaining:  This is where radio should shine.  Think about this:  Your brand is so powerful to your fans, that the sound of what comes out of their radios changes their mood.  Pretty intense drug you’re offering, huh?!  You relax them … or you stimulate them … or you satisfy their need to be informed … and they come to your website and social media to get more of that drug.  So create a “brand voice” on Facebook or Twitter that sounds like your station.  Social media demands you be clear, brief and hype-free.  Beyond that, how are your fans expecting you to sound on Facebook?

By the way, I’d love to help you figure this out for your brands.  We could get your website and social media totally cooking in line with your on-air product, and get your fans moving from broadcast to digital and back.  Think that would help you up your listening occasions and web hits?  Click What We Do or Service Plans to learn more.

Chris Miller


One comment

  1. Michael Girard

    Some good points. There are many brands that are doing a really good job of this. Threadless.com is one that comes to mind. They provide Twitter exclusive promo codes to their followers. Cirque du Soleil is a great example of a company that provides social media exclusives to their followers including behind the scenes content.

    I could see lots of applications for radio stations. Radio stations are always having contests. Why not host some of those exclusively on Facebook or Twitter? The ever popular “be caller 10” translates really well on Twitter .. “be the first to tweet the answer to this question and win such and such a prize.” That can be announced on Twitter and the Radio simultaneously as well.

    Good stuff as usual.

    Michael Girard
    Community Engagement, Radian6

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