Giving Them What They Want: Examples (Part 1)

Yesterday, we ran through the results of a couple of surveys about what people want from branded social media they follow.  Today, we’ll start giving some examples of stations doing it right.

As you recall, there were four big reasons why people follow brands.

  1. Updates/New Info First
  2. Discounts/Promotions/Freebies
  3. To Show Support for the Brand
  4. It’s Fun and Entertaining

Today, you’ll see some examples of the first two.  Tomorrow, you’ll see the other two.


This doesn’t mean information about any old subject your target might be interested in … it means information about YOU.  Your brand.  The reason they signed up with your social media in the first place.

We radio brands post a lot of information on Facebook about a lot of different stuff.  We don’t post very much that’s meaningful about ourselves.  Just this morning, the sports talk station here in Cleveland posted a tease for an important programming announcement on Wednesday morning.  But we don’t usually think to put helpful information about the brand on our social media.

I found Zack Williams from Star 100.7 in Pittsburgh doing a good, consistent job of updating his brand’s fans about what was coming up on the station that they might want to take advantage of.  I don’t know if he was also telling his on-air audience at the exact same time; what impresses me is the commitment to keep up the flow of helpful information on Facebook.

Your biggest fans like your brand a lot.  You do stuff that they like, and they want to know when it’s going to happen.  Especially if it’s new … and if they’re the first to find out.  What do you do that you could tell your social media fans about first?


In radio, we do a lot of promotions for a lot of different stuff.  As always, people appreciate getting something for free.  However … I wanted to show you some Facebook posts that had to do with special offers that had to do with performances of the music that  these stations play.

As much as people appreciate getting free stuff, they also appreciate getting an inside advantage to enjoy the music that you play.  Here are three examples of promotions that involve access to good music that has to do with the brand, instead of just out-right winning stuff.

Here, 98 KUPD in Phoenix is offering discounted tickets.  107.7 The Bone in San Francisco has a pre-sale link to their own concert.  Z100 in Portland is doing on-site ticket upgrades for a big show, putting people with tickets in better seats.

Ordinary folks who “Like” your Facebook page can end up being VIP’s with extra access or advance access to stuff they associate with your brand.  This doesn’t even have to involve a discount … it can just be a link to buy a limited number of tickets before they go on sale to the general public.  They’re not coming to your Facebook page or Twitter feed just to find out what nice folks you are.  They are interested in getting something in return for their loyalty.

Remember, on social media, you’re talking to lots of folks from whom it’s easier to get more listening occasions.  You don’t want to take them for granted.  You want to treat them special!  The meaningful brand relationship you build with them will pay off.

Chris Miller

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