Giving Them What They Want: Examples (Part 2)

Here are some more good examples of times when radio brands live up to what their fans want in social media.  Yesterday, we showed you examples of giving your fans info and updates about your brand, and also good examples of using Facebook for special brand-related discounts and promotions.  You can also check out the original blog post from Monday about two studies.  Those studies show what people want who follow brands on social media.

Today, we’ll show you examples of interaction with people who joined your page to show support for your brand.  Those people are pretty special, huh?  We’ll also delve into posts that are fun and entertaining …. but in a special brand-building way.


Really, they’re not just being altruistic.  They show support for your brand … they click “Like” at the top of your page, or follow your tweets … because of what they think it says about them.  They think you’re cool in some way.  They want to be identified with you.

That means this is your chance to interact with them.  A simple Facebook post from you can cement a relationship with a fan.  Yet … so often, you see radio brands make social media posts that a listener responds to, asking for interaction, and what do they get from the radio brand?  Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  Zero.

Do you know what you look like if you answer their question?  A hero.  Do you know what you look like if you ignore or overlook them?  A jerk.  Or, maybe just sloppy.  How would you like your fans to see you?

Here’s an example of a post that doesn’t really have anything to do with the station that posted it.  WGTS 91.9 is a Christian station in the Washington, DC, area.  They posted this, and it allowed them to interact on a personal level with a few fans.  The content almost doesn’t matter.What does gel nail polish have to do with turning souls to Christ?  Not much.  However, these listeners who interacted with the person from the station who was running this post, probably felt more bonded to the brand after the interaction.

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know I believe in keeping your stuff pretty strategic.  However, it’s hard to say that real interaction online is anything but a good thing!

Here’s a question from a listener to Sophie@103.7 in San Diego.  If you look at a lot of radio social media, you see a fair amount of listener questions.  Almost all of them go unanswered.  What does that say to people?  It says you want to control the conversation, but not be exposed to really interact with them.  It says you don’t care.  It says you are Old School … you don’t understand how people engage with each other in new media.

But look at the above exchange between Radio Sophie and a listener.  The listener did not get the answer he wanted, but he probably went away pretty happy … he had a legitimate personal interaction with the brand.

I see brands who post lots of semi-lame questions like, “How’s your weekend going?”  but who never answer a listener’s question.  So much for supporting the people who want to show support for us.


See, this is where we need to raise the bar.  We don’t want posts that link to something fun or something entertaining.  We want to actually entertain them in social media in our own brand’s voice.

And … I had a hard time finding good radio posts for this.  Instead, I’m so impressed by Target’s posts on Facebook that I’ll share a few of those with you.   So, I would suggest that this post, above, is far more fun and entertaining than just using your social media to tell people that there’s sale on popsicles all this week at Target.  It’s more fun for your mind … it’s more fun for your heart.  Click that post, above, to see how people responded to it.  Are you getting responses like that?Again, this could be a post about sunscreen being for sale.  But instead, it ends up being more fun and entertaining when it shows up on your Facebook wall.   Or, how about this post below … You can click the post above to read all the different songs people came up with.  Do you think it would be fun and entertaining for a music radio station to ask its biggest fans something about the music they play?  Maybe we’ll see more of that someday!  Just me thinking out loud … that might be something that a music station could do over and over and over again, in different forms.  Your fans would undoubtedly find that more fun and entertaining that some of the things you’re struggling to come up with now.  Plus, your music ties directly to your brand!

Even though sometimes we’re our own worst enemy and think that radio is in the tank and ruined for ever, surveys still show that our fans are still pretty darn satisfied with our brands.  A few decades ago, we started doing audience research, finding out what people liked … and as a result, we started giving it to them much more predictably.  Now, we’re throwing everything at our Facebook walls, seeing what sticks.  At the same time, surveys are showing that what people want from us is simpler and more brandoriented than what we’re usually giving them.

Let’s get you out in front of the crowd, and ahead of the digital curve.  Click my name for my contact info, and, like with my existing clients, we’ll work on a digital plan that fits with who you are and what your fans want from you.

Chris Miller 


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