What Radio Can Learn From … Skittles

So far this week, we’ve looked at what your fans were hoping for when they “Liked” you on Facebook.  We’ve also shown you some good examples, both here and here.

We also posted a link at our Facebook page about a study that showed that Millennials … 16-to-30-year-olds … look for these qualities in a branded Facebook page:

  • truthful
  • genuine
  • sociable
  • mature
  • humble

Before you post anything in social media, you could just do a gut-check and … prior to pressing “enter” … make sure that what you’re sending to your fans hits on those five points.  Gen-X’ers and Baby Boomers may be less picky than Millennials, but I wouldn’t go risking it.

That same piece also talked about the risk of over-posting.  Basically, posting too often is spam.  So, today, I wanted to show you a Facebook page that numbers its fans in the tens of millions.  They post no more than once a day.  Most of their posts get “liked” by more than ten thousand people.

Skittles spends very little time selling Skittles on their Facebook page.  I mean, there is nothing about buying Skittles there … they’re just having some fun on your Facebook wall.  It’s the same thing with their Twitter feed; more fun, more smiles, no selling.  We’ve showed you Target’s Facebook page, where they subtlely mention their stores and their products in smile-driving posts.  With Skittles … it’s all fun.

Here are some sample Skittles Facebook posts:There’s no way I would urge you to do as little promoting as these guys are doing.  Still … it’s better to under-post and under-promote rather than filling your fans’ walls with your posts.  You can see that you can be a world-wide brand … 18 million fans and growing … and post once each day with one sentence of content that has nothing to do with yourself.

You, as a radio brand, are in a different competitive environment than Skittles.  However, too often, we create social media posts that have only the weakest of links to our brands.  It’s awesome to use your social media to link back to your website, and to get people to your broadcast.  That’s how you build your brand.  However, in the rush to do so, let’s remember the feeling that our brands bring to peoples’ lives.  That’s ultimately why our fans turn us on.  It would not be a mistake to reflect that feeling from time to time!

Chris Miller


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