Best Way To Add Facebook Brand Fans

Let’s start a short, busy week with some good news:  as a radio brand, you have it easier than many other types of products … when it comes to adding to the number of Facebook fans you have.  If you’re doing your job right, you are already an entertainment and promotion machine.  It can be a relatively simple process to tap into that for your Facebook page.

Can you imagine if you were a grocery store chain, or made furniture, or did home inspections how much tougher it would be to “Like” you on Facebook?  Many non-broadcast brands run special promotions or contests to entice people to check out their social media.

Here’s the problem with that, and you may have already figured it out.  You want your social media fans to be a VIP list of your biggest fans, not just a random assortment of people who were bored or tempted enough to check out your Facebook page.  You don’t want a Facebook page that has a million billion gazillion fans.  You want plenty of fans, but you want a powerful, concentrated, focused list of people who really are big, big fans.  You want to “index high” in your most committed fans.

You don’t need to do lots of special, social-media-only contesting or content.  You need to let what people love about your broadcast ripple out to your social media.

Sure, you can pay for someone to make calls screening your target and invite them to check out your social media as well as your broadcast.  However, you probably don’t have the budget for that.  Plus, you are undoubtedly interested in this social media phenomenon because it doesn’t cost you!

So here’s what you do:  You keep your Facebook page high-profile on your own air with extra ways to enjoy your brand, and extra ways to win.

For instance, when you ask for concert tickets to give away on the air, you probably ask for a specific number of them.  Increase that request slightly so you can give away a pair or two especially to your social media fans.  When you create opportunities to qualify for a grand prize, create an extra opportunity to get in on it for your Facebook fans.

Then, make sure you’re telling them about this on the air.  You brag to your clients about your ability to motivate your fans to buy their product.  Use a little of that energy on yourself, and continually work to get your listeners to “Like” your Facebook page with practical reasons to win stuff or enjoy the brand.  That means you need to do more than just run liners saying “Join us on Facebook and Twitter.”  You need to come up with a steady flow of reasons to sample your social media.

See, this is not so tough!  You are using all the stuff you already know about radio, and using it to motivate people to join you on Facebook.  Frequency sells … stay committed to the focused messages … and never underestimate the power of a great idea.

Finally, make sure you talk this up around the station.  Sales reps who are good at procuring good prizes through clients will want to understand this.  Promotion team members … even those who just staff your appearances … will need to be able to explain this to the public.  Jocks need to keep this top-of-mind, so they’re always working on getting people to your social media.  The PD and the Promotion Director, first and foremost, need to be working this all the time, too.

Sometimes, the best way to get this started is just to bring it up at the next promotion meeting.  Ask everyone to commit to growing the station’s Facebook page.  Then, keep it on the agenda so everyone gets in the habit of thinking about it.

Finally, make sure your social media links are really easy to find on your website.  I mean, really, really, REALLY easy to find.  A lot of people have already learned to look for the Facebook logo “f” online to get to social media pages.  In addition, include the link in your database emails.  Those two steps … website and email links … will help pave the way to more Facebook fans.


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