Brand-Building Web Content Check List

It’s so easy for the content on your website to get away from you.  Need proof?  Look at almost any radio brand’s website.  There’s a lot of messy, un-focused sites out there.

However, let’s keep this positive and constructive.  Here’s a checklist so you can judge yourself on how you’re doing with your brand-building web content.

You can do this alone, or you can do this as part of a promotion meeting, a jock meeting, a sales meeting, or any other gathering of folks in the station.


Answer these questions about your radio brand.  If you have more than one that you’re involved with, answer these questions separately about each one.

1.  Describe your target listener.

2.  What about your brand makes you both unique and mass appeal?

3.  Fill in the blank:  After hearing my brand, my listeners feel ___________________________.

4.  Fill in as many blanks as you need to:  The best known parts of my radio brand are: _____________________________________________________________________________________________.


Now that you’ve thought about the four questions above … and maybe even discussed them as a group … see how you do on rating the front page of your station’s website.

1.  Is your logo one of the first things you see?

2.  Does your web address make sense for your brand?  (In other words, if your station name is “Radio 108.1” and your web address is “,” something’s wrong.)

3.  Does your navigation bar (“nav bar,” or the choices of where to go on your site) make sense based on what a fan would expect?  Click through the choices and see!

4.  Is your streaming link one of the most prominent features on your site?

5.  Is it really easy to find the list of songs that played (if you’re a music station)?

6.  Is it really easy to find news headlines (if you’re a news/talk station) or sports headlines (if you’re a sports station)?

7.  If I didn’t know what format your station is, could I tell easily and immediately from glancing at your website?

8.  Are there good reasons to come from your broadcast to your website?  What are they?

9.  Thinking about your target listener, does the content on your website appeal to him/her?

10.  Can I find easily find content about what makes your brand both unique and mass appeal?

11.  The things that make your radio brand known and beloved … how are they represented on your website?

12.  Is it easy to find links to any social media, database emails, or texting that you do?

13.  If you play new music, are new songs in your format represented at your website?  (Can I find release dates, news about new music, samples, downloads, videos, whatever?)

14.  If you have a concerts/events guide, does it focus on what your target listener would want to do and enjoy?

15.  If you have a high-profile morning show or talk shows … is there a blog about what they talked about on their latest show, with either topic summaries and links to more info, or audio clips?

16.  Do you give over too much major, key website space to topics that are not part of your brand (news/traffic/sports/entertainment news/gossip/etc.)?

17.  Do you use white space, consistent fonts and colors that go together?  If not, listeners think your website looks like ads.

Bonus question for programmers, promoters, webmasters … anyone who actually helps add content to the website:  What are your most popular pages?  When was the last time you looked at your web stats?

Here’s what you do with your results:  there’s no scoring.  Pat yourself on the back for what you’ve done right, and go do a good job creating what’s missing.  I’d be curious to hear your comments about this quiz and how you did on it.  Feel free to leave a comment, or contact me by clicking my name below.

Chris Miller


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