Engage ‘Em When You Ask ‘Em

Much of what I suggest to you is about getting your Facebook fans to go elsewhere …

  • to check out your website
  • to listen to your broadcast
  • to get Twitter bulletins
  • to sign up for texting
  • to listen to your stream
  • to visit your events

… but how do you reliably get people to engage with you on your Facebook page?  Lots of folks I talk with understand the benefit of doing all the above, but would like to have more of a relationship with their fans on Facebook.

Let me give you a suggestion that very few radio stations are taking advantage of … yet.  Ask them questions about your brand.

Here’s why this works:

1.  In any setting, you get more out of people by asking them questions rather than telling them statements.

2.  Your fans signed up to follow your page because they are passionate about your brand.

So, sure, you can ask your fans about news, about Hollywood gossip, about the weather, about viral videos or about lifestyle topics … but they didn’t sign up with you on Facebook because they wanted to know more about those subjects.  They wanted to know more about your brand.

So what can you ask them about?  Well, ask them about specific things you’re doing.  Or, ask them about what they’re doing while they listen.  Or, ask them to chime in about something the morning show is talking about.  Or ask them if they think they’re going to win a major contest you’re doing.  Or … what can you think of?

This is not research.  This is not staff critique time, either.  This is a relationship-building technique.  In fact, this allows you to respond to every positive or negative or constructive or crazy thing your fans say.  It shows guts for you to allow all these ideas to show up.  It shows strength to keep the brand sailing smoothly while letting anyone say any odd thing they want to about what you’re doing.

See, it’s a two-part process for it to work really well.  Not only do you ask them their opinion, but then someone from your station also responds to them.  Thank them for a compliment … apologize for or rectify a complaint … explain a difference of opinion … when they get a one-on-one response, it heightens their brand loyalty.  It works, even if you are politely telling them you’re not going to be taking them up on their suggestion!

When you do some of this, all of a sudden your radio brand’s Facebook page is more than subjects you’re pushing at them.  Instead, they’re talking with you.  They’re listening, and talking, and you’re listening in return.  They’re engaging.

What sort of things could you ask your fans?  I’m sure you have some ideas.  You can just ask them something about your brand, or set up multiple choice answers for them via the Facebook Question module.

Thanks for reading this.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them below, or click my name one line down to contact me.

Chris Miller


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