This Week’s Digital News for Broadcasters

Here’s some of the social media and digital news from the last week that we’ve brought you on the Chris Miller Digital Facebook page.  I pick the news to bring you based on how practical it is … whether I think you might be able to do your job smarter because of knowing it.


Google+, pronounced “Google Plus,” is getting a lot of talk even though it’s in the early, early stages.  It’s being talked about like it’s Google’s social competition for Facebook.  Well, Facebook fully exists right now, and Google+ has a long way to go, which is the first reason I recommend you not get heavily involved in Google+ just yet.  Furthermore, Google+ themselves is telling businesses to wait to create their own profiles.

If you’d like to check out what there is to publicly see of Google+ … and sign up to get notified when they’re fully ready to go … click here.

The thing is … Google is indeed a huge brand, but we don’t know how this particular project will go.  They’ve had projects that were less than successful.  My guess is that they may well gain more of a perceptual hold than some other social sites, but not out-do Facebook.  Meanwhile, you probably still have too much to do at work every week!  You ed to focus on winning projects … not something that’s still off in the future.

Click here to read “Google to Businesses:  Don’t Create Google+ Profiles Yet”


Social media trends … gaming … popular music … new media promotion and marketing … image integrity … this one has it all.  Eminem and Lady Gaga have perhaps started a trend of introducing new music aided, in part, with a social media game.

You can check out Eminem’s game, “Bad Meets Evil,” here.  The object, fitting with the artist’s image and the new album, is to get as evil as you can to win the game.  Several weeks ago, Lady Gaga introduced “Gagaville” (which you can see here).  Both games have samples of the new albums wrapped into the play action.

What do you think of this?  Do you see ways for radio to get involved in this?

Click here to read “Eminem Sends Facebook Users to Hell in Violent Promotional Game”


Let’s say that, at some date in the future, your TV provider is tied in with social marketing.  When you click to see the grid of upcoming shows, you see the shows your friends watch highlighted.

Would that make you more likely to think about those shows first?  Facebook is betting it would.

In-the-moment entertainment and media choices are something that social media could potentially affect on a widespread basis.  Just imagine if your computer or mobile device could sense what your friends were listening to or watching, and made that public?

Click here to read “Facebook Pitches Social TV”


Honestly, I think there are a few people doing Twitter brilliantly, many are doing it forgettably … and some others are so murky and confusing they’re keeping many from regularly checking Twitter.

Still, some businesses are managing to use Twitter for worthy purposes.  Here’s an article that shows you examples of different brands tweeting for different strategic reasons.

Does this start any thoughts for you about how YOU might use Twitter for a specific reason?

Click here to read “9 Lessons from Successful Brands on Twitter”


Many of us know how to act in public.  Even on a tough day, we manage to still treat others with respect and keep things in perspective.  Still … lots of us radio folks get on social media, and just start talking like DJs reading promo liners!  Hey, Facebook fans, here’s your chance to … !

Radio’s “personality” challenge on Facebook is learning to be open, transparent, and totally one-to-one.  While this piece below is not news, it is important to the tone you want to set with your fans.  Just because they may put up with radio cliche’s on the air doesn’t mean they will do so in social media.

Click here to read “How to Have a Winning Social Media Personality”

Chris Miller


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