When You Need Good Posting Ideas …

Usually, it’s easy for me to figure out what I want to write about for each day’s column.  I even keep up a list of stuff I want to say because I think of more blog post topics than I have time to write.  Today, however, I was out of ideas and nothing was coming to me.  I had Blogger’s Block.

It got me thinking …

What do you post on your brand’s Facebook page when you run out of inspiration?  Sometimes, you just don’t want to think about it anymore.  So, here’s a list of ideas you can go to when your brain has run out of juice but you think you need to put yourself out there.

You could post …

about a contest

about a new song you’re playing

about an artist coming in concert

about a chance to win those concert tickets

about exactly when something special is going to happen on your station

about the chance to win something at an appearance in the next day or two

about something the morning show said (with a link to hear it, or to learn more)

about the list at your website of the songs you played

about other things you can do at the list of songs you played (buy the mp3, order the CD, learn more about the artist, read the lyrics, see videos, etc.)

about something coming up on your concerts & events list, with a link

about a blog post from a jock, with a link to read it

about your online stream, with a link to listen

about what makes your online stream special

about a music news story regarding an artist you play

about how a song you play makes you feel

about what the morning show says in their blog they’ll be talking about tomorrow

about a question you ask about your radio brand

about a question you ask about a contest or event you’re thinking of doing

about a new feature you’re thinking of starting

about a special feature you want to get more sampling for

about …. what else can you think of now?

Chris Miller


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