This Week’s Digital News for Radio Brands To Use

When you’re a member of the Chris Miller Digital page on Facebook, you get to see not only the new daily blog posts, we keep you up on news stories from the digital media world that I think might actually be useful to you.  Here are the news links we posted this past week:


Google+, Google’s social network that seems designed to compete with Facebook, had first been saying to NOT start branded pages.  However, there’s been enough interest … and major brands going ahead and doing so anyway … that Google rolled out a program to select early beta-test partners.

I mention this more because there’s a huge interest in Google+ right now, but I really think it’s heavily concentrated in early adopters right now.  Unless you, personally, feel passionate about starting a branded page for your station, I would just wait.  Whether it’s in broadcast media or digital media, you want to go where the people are.  That means the big, big, big numbers of people.  You can focus on your Facebook page or Twitter feed and just watch what happens with Google+ in the meantime.

Click here to read “Google Accelerates Google+ for Business Test Program.”


This piece has some real food for thought for radio brands.  Our Facebook fans already tend to be big fans; people don’t randomly “Like” brands they don’t have strong, positive opinions about, and want more out of.  So what do we do with these people once we have them?  On this blog, you’ve seen all sorts of ideas for that.  Here are a few more … some of these are things you’ve already heard me recommend, but I also really like the thought of going up a “Lifestyle Level.”  Make sure you read that one.  Instead of being just about long sets of [fill-in-the-blank] … can you be, for example, the workday stressbuster?

Click here to read “HOW TO: Turn Fans Into Brand Ambassadors.”


These tips from music industry experts don’t just apply to up-and-coming bands promoting themselves on Facebook … they apply to YOU if you’re working a radio brand.  Some of these are just good solid principles for entertainers of all sorts (which, hopefully, you still are).  Some of them don’t really apply to broadcasting … but, you can use them as thought-starters about how you might make your fans’ experience of you even more special.

Click here to read “10 Best Practices for Bands on Facebook.”


In this article, you’ll learn how to feed your Facebook page with tweets from your Twitter account.  Then … you’ll learn why you DON’T want to do it.  By the way, I heartily endorse the suggestion to use a program like HootSuite, with which you can update both Twitter and Facebook … if you’re doing both … from one source rather than using one to feed the other.

Click here to read “Twitter Tip: Don’t Auto-Connect Your Facebook And Twitter Accounts.”


I offer this not to say your jocks need to start Tweeting now … they don’t.  But isn’t it interesting that Major League Baseball created this “second screen experience” for their Home Run Derby?  You don’t have to be on Twitter; your jocks don’t have to have separate accounts; I actually recommend you do a great job on Facebook before you ever jump into Twitter … unless you’re sending bulletins or engaging with people one-on-one on Twitter already.  But whatever you’re doing, make the experience special instead of just mirroring what you already do on the air.

Call me guilty of preaching to the choir, but this shows how important it is to embrace digital assets and start to engage with fans, rather than just posting promo liners on Facebook.

Click here to read “Home Run Derby Batters To Interact Live With Fans Via Twitter.”

Chris Miller


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