Ponder These Today; Be Smarter Tomorrow

Sundays, we recap and add to the news we bring you throughout the week at the Chris Miller Digital Facebook group.  Let’s dig in.


We’ve learned from radio PPM data about losing listeners to commercial breaks.  We know that it takes about as long to get ’em back as we played spots for.  In other words, if you play 5 minutes of spots, it’ll take an extra 5 minutes to get back to the same level of listening you had before you played the first commercial.  That doesn’t do anything to make the commercials more listenable; it just quantifies how long the “dip” takes.

Meanwhile, Facebook is working on making some of their advertising as compelling as any other link or pic on your news feed.  How radical is that, huh?

Their plan is to draw on Facebook’s sharing of information, and the branding of their advertisers.

What if some radio cluster or company were to focus on helping clients in a similar way?  We wouldn’t just work to create a better self-contained :30 or :60 message.  What if we threw out all the “rules,” and set up a really creative small team of sales, programming and production people to create content about clients that fit the station’s brand?  What if we charged extra for it, and guaranteed your “spot” would play in a cluster before any standard commercial did?

Click here to read Facebook’s Holy Grail of Branding


Yes, I’m still recommending that you play around with Google+, but not spend time on your broadcast brand there.  You have enough to do, and I would rather you go on upgrading your current social media brand-building efforts instead of spreading yourself too thin on Google+.

Potentially, down the road, there’s the chance to integrate some of the great products Google has come up with … but people who are just looking to engage with each other aren’t hanging out at Google+ yet.  In the meantime, set aside a few quiet minutes to read the following:

Click here to read Google+: The Complete Guide


I read yet another article this week about how radio is behind other media in adopting and maximizing social media.  It’s not that we’re not doing social media … we’re just not doing much to keep our big goals in mind when we tweet on Twitter or post on Facebook.  Too often, we just work to amuse or occupy our fans, instead of treating them to special trips back to the website or to our broadcasts.

So, it’s always good to look at a solid list like this, to keep our priorities and skills in mind:

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If you think “games” instead of “gamification,” you may find yourself thinking about Farmville instead of your business goals.  However, look through this piece, and I’ll bet you recognize the tactics … you probably just never heard them referred to as “gamification.”  We’ve been doing versions of this sort of stuff on the air for years, working to engage listeners, and move them from one time or one day to another.  Here’s how others are using the same basic concepts online.

Click here to read How To: Gamify Your Marketing


You already knew that a good contest could bring people in to listen to your radio brand, or get existing listeners to listen more often.  Now that we have other media goals … including, but not limited to, getting more hits and more page views on our websites … contesting still works, if you do it right.  Here’s a piece written from a digital perspective.

Keep in mind that the object for radio is not now to come up with giveaways on Facebook.  The object is to use your social media, which acts as a V-I-P or frequent flier list, to come up with ways to enhance existing on-air or online contesting to make it even more attractive for your biggest fans.

Click here to read 4 Reasons Why Contests Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy


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