It’s What You Do With What You Have That Matters

Three times last week, I got asked some variation on this question:

“How many people do we need to have who ‘Like’ our Facebook page? Is [number] enough?”


There is no ideal number.  You want to keep on working on getting more fans, but there’s no ideal number or percentage or quota.  The power of your social media is the ability to talk to your biggest fans, and treat them special.

So you don’t want to do anything to artificially grow that number of fans.  Because, if you do, all of a sudden you dilute the power of being able to talk to a concentrated number of fans.  It’s better to keep offering people listening to your station and going to your website to join you on Facebook.  Keep those reasons specific.  Don’t just say “follow us on Facebook and Twitter.”  Also … especially … never tell your fans, “Hey, we’re trying to get to 5,000 fans! Tell your friends!”  If you post something self-serving like that, I’m going to cross the street to avoid meeting you!


Keep working it.  Figure out all the tactical things you can do to give special treats to the people who already love what you do.  Can you give them extra information … extra engagement … extra access through your Facebook page?  That’s what you should concentrate on.

Here’s more on this subject, if you want to go deeper.


Your digital efforts should be Brand-Building ones.  So don’t worry about the number of Facebook fans you have; just keep working tactically to get more.

It’s almost like the difference between Cume (your number of total listeners each week) versus your Time Spent Listening (the average amount of time that your listeners stay engaged with your station).  You can’t reach all the potential listeners … but you can still build a healthy cume to drive some good ratings.

If you’ve ever bought a TV schedule, you learn it’s way too expensive to reach everyone in your target audience.  You can get a nice decent reach, however, with a solid frequency so plenty of target customers see your commercial repeatedly.

In social media, you can’t talk to everyone who’s a super-fan.  Meanwhile, you don’t want to talk to just anybody.  That’s why you don’t want to get hung up on how many fans you have, instead of the quality of them.  You can get a decent-sized fan base on Facebook that see your messages and engage with you in different important ways … ways that affect your ratings and website goals.

Finally, don’t wait to start super-serving your brand’s fans.  You may think that your Facebook page doesn’t have enough fans.  No number of fans is too small to start showing them a good time!


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