Your Digital Vision

Everything big starts with a vision.  Before you have a strategy, you have to have a vision.

For instance, I had a vision for this project.  It was clear to me that broadcasters were confused by their new digital tools.  Website content and social media needed to do a LOT more to support their brands, instead of being little free-form streams in their own right.  Our fans are willing to make radio station websites and social media feeds destinations in their own right.  Instead, we confuse them with streams of content about a lot more than what they love about us.

Do you need a digital vision?  Here, you can use mine.  Thrill your fans with the best brand-related info and content on your website, in your social media, in your database emails, in your outgoing texts … whatever you got.  Your digital tools can work to be brand-building tools, instead of just another distraction.

I decided the way to start changing things was to write this blog five times a week.  I knew it was missionary work.  I needed to start by find people who understood what the heck I was talking about, even if they weren’t satisfied with their digital progress.  Believe me, if you’re reading this, you’re probably on the cutting edge of integrating digital with broadcast.

Now, almost six months in, I’m cutting back on the daily posts.  I’ll be blogging three days a week, instead of five.  This is my opportunity to focus more on clients I’m working with and new ways to spread the word of what I’m offering.

If you haven’t signed up for regular email updates of this blog, look in the upper right corner of this page.  If you’re reading this on your computer, that is.  If you’re on your phone, you won’t see it.  Sign up and you’ll get a blog post every time a new one is published.

Now … if you talk with people I’m working with, they’ll probably tell you I’m passionate about digital, but I’m a terrible salesperson.  If you’d like to get some clarity about practical steps you can take to make the most of what you’re doing online, give me a holler.

Chris Miller


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