Going A Little Bit Digital

I’ve had several chances now to talk with groups of people about what this blog’s about.  There are always a few folks who get it.  Those people … their eyes light up, they start nodding; they just get the connection about how all this stuff fits together.

However, there is still some real resistance out there.  Resistance to committing to using our websites and social media and so on with a sense of focus on our brand.

Go ahead … stick your toe in the water!

So, here are some ideas to bring your radio brand into the new digital world.  Some of these, we’ve talked about before … some, we haven’t.

Bring this up in jock meetings or promotion meetings:  How can we add a web component to every major feature we do on the air?  You probably have one or two already that are on your website.  Pick a few more to bring online as well as on-air in a full-throated way.

Brainstorm ways you could add content to your station’s stream.  Get station staffers to volunteer to help record updated concert calendars and music news and other content you could use to cover :30 and :60 spots on your “Listen Live” link.

De-junk your website, especially “above the fold.”  Think about your target, and what they love about your brand.  That’s why they came to your website.

If you’re doing any listening appointments on the air, include those on your Facebook page.  Before you announce them on the air.  (Your biggest fans will be thrilled they found out first in social media, and when they hear you set a listening appointment on the air, they’ll think … “I knew that already, which makes me special!”

Look at barter services that update your format’s music news on your website.  Or, if you play currents, have your station’s music director keep a list of upcoming music release dates in your format, and keep that updated on your website.

Do you do a “Weekly Deals” offer?  Open it up to your Facebook fans a day early.  

Major concert coming to town?  See if the promoter will do a pre-sale offer via your website before the tickets officially go on sale.

Sometimes, it’s hard to know where to start.  Or, maybe there are already a lot of people involved in posting web content and updating your social media, and it just seems too hard to focus them all.

So, here’s my idea for you on that:  Call me.  Yeah, I charge if we end up working together on projects, but I’m happy to answer questions or field ideas.  And I promise to take seriously what you ask and not turn it into a sales pitch.


Just having a chance to say your questions and ideas out loud can be a powerful, beneficial experience.  I love having the chance to talk about this stuff, and meet new people in the process.

So … continue this, if you’d like to, on my office line at 216-236-3955.  You can even just text me on my cell at 404-808-8852.

Chris Miller


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