Potsticker Blog Posts (The Worthy Extras)

Stray thoughts … none of which seemed to develop themselves into a full blog post recently:

1.  Does your brand’s Facebook page feel like a good time spent with your station?  Your fans experience you one post at a time.  However, you can see what sort of diet of you they’re getting by going back and reading, say, the last few days’ worth of posts.  If it doesn’t feel like special help experiencing what’s good about your brand … you might want to reconsider what you’re doing.

2.  If someone makes a comment or asks a question of you via social media … who answers it, how quickly, and are you saying what you want to be saying?

3.  Do you know what web pages of yours get the most hits?  Do you ever promote them on the air just because you know they’re a good bet to attract attention?

4.  What have you done recently to get people to follow you on Facebook or Twitter other than ask them to follow you on Facebook and Twitter?

~ Thanks to CartoonStock.com ~

5.  Google+ is supposed to have brand pages that will work better than Facebook’s do.  That may well be the case.  You’re not on Facebook because of how their brand pages work, however.  You’re there because that’s where your fans have found you.

6.  You don’t want to mess up your social media by just doing any old free mentions for clients.  However … it’s a great time to build relationships, and if you have a sales team that can promote the value of the huge fans on your Facebook page, why not give them links to do sampling of good products from clients?  You can offer it to your social media fans as a special spiff, and give them a coupon from your website to print.  You can mention it on your own air multiple times as a reason to join your Facebook page … even if the offer just appears there once.  Remember … you always have to give away good stuff.  Someone has to police that or it ruins the opportunity and the revenue for everyone.

7.  Don’t get your head turned around when you hear about new tools or new software you can use.  Remember that your digital goal is not to offer spanking new technology.  It’s to bond further with your biggest fans.  You want to get repeat website hits and more on-air listening occasions.  Keep your eyes on new technology, but keep a closer eye on your brand’s goals!


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