What to Post on Facebook … Twitter … and YouTube?

Rex McNeill from Kat Country 103 in Modesto, California, asks a good question:

Do you use the same material on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube; or do you use each of these social media in a different way?

Here's Rex!

Right now, Rex is running a Facebook page for his on-air work at Kat Country 103; he’s also got a Twitter feed going, as well.  Plus, he’s putting up videos at YouTube that he’s linking to from his Facebook page.

There are similarities in all three sites, but big differences, too.  Our biggest fans are the ones who tend to find us on social media.  They’re passionate to find us and follow us away from the radio.

What should you do with each one?  Different things … I’ll go into that in a sec.  Here’s how I see the importance of these three to you:

1.  Facebook … most important.  This is where it’ll be easiest to get the most followers.  This is also where it’s easiest to really interact with people.

2.  YouTube … great place to upload your videos.  Upload ’em … store ’em and keep track of ’em … and link to ’em whenever you want.

3.  Twitter … great for quick information updates, and for really getting to know a small, passionate bunch of followers.  Not so good if you want people to follow links or turn on the radio.

It also looks as if your station is struggling … like a lot of stations … with keeping the website really updated.  I totally get that, we’re all stretched so thin.  What it means for you is that your Facebook page becomes the #1 place for listeners to engage with you while you’re on the radio!  It looks like a lot of the jocks on your station all have their own Facebook page, and that the main station Facebook page isn’t being updated that much.  In an ideal world, I’d like to see all the personalities posting on the same page, so that it’s easier for listeners to find you all.  If that’s not going to happen, here are some ideas for you.

1.  Give people real reasons to follow you on Facebook.  “I’ve got free music coming up for you, but my Facebook friends know exactly when to call in and win!  Find me at ‘Rex McNeill at KAT Country 103.'”  “We’re talking about the new Lady A song on my Facebook page … search for ‘Rex McNeill at KAT Country 103.'”

2.  I think it’s great that you’re telling people on Facebook that you’ve got good contests coming up.  Your Facebook fans are some of your heavier listeners … why not treat them to some special info?  “You’ll have a chance to call in and win the new Billy Currington CD coming up between 4:20 and 4:30.”

3.  Good job putting up the regular video updates.  You know what really stands out about those to me?  The times when you get more one-on-one, and give me something to think about.  For instance, on your video about your son starting high school.  People figure out whether they want to watch all of a video in the first few seconds, so I’d start those with what you want to tell people.  Don’t introduce yourself, start with “I’m giving away Dierks Bently CDs today!”  Or, “Feelin’ a little weird today … my son starts high school today.”  There’ll be plenty of time to tell people who you are before the end of the video.

4.  Give people something to talk with you about.  New song?  “What did you all think of the new Miranda Lambert I just played for ya?”  See what sort of responses you get.

Think of your Facebook page as the place for your real fans to hang out for your show.  Keep storing your videos at YouTube.  Twitter?  I’d rather see you make your Facebook page excellent and skip Twitter, instead of splitting your energies between the two.

Thanks for the question, Rex.  I’ll be answering more questions soon, so feel free to ask one or suggest a topic when you click here!


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