What To Think About For Success

Frustrated … confused … unsure.  That’s what a lot of broadcasters I talk with are feeling about what they’re doing in the digital realm.  I get it; I’m a former programmer.  The days move so fast and are so full of different things.  We just don’t know if what we’re doing is on target.  Sometimes, it’s easier just to not think too hard about it.

If this sounds familiar, when it comes to your brand’s website, here are some things to think LESS about:

    • New technology
    • New digital tools
    • Sweeping generalizations about the web
    • Content that doesn’t have to do with your brand
    • What other websites are doing, especially other broadcasters
    • Being “cool,” or “cutting edge”
    • Being compelling with your graphics

Now, here are some things to think MORE about:

    • Your brand
    • Your target audience
    • Making your site really easy to use

See, ultimately, your website, your social media, your database emails, your texting program; it’s all just pieces of your brand.

When your fans interact with you, they see themselves interacting with one brand.  If they listen to your radio station … go to your website … sign up for your email database … and follow you on social media, that’s not four separate actions, to them.  That’s all just interacting with you.  To them, it’s very simple.

To us, it’s all different platforms, and we just flat-out almost automatically spread ourselves too thin to try and work those platforms.  If your brand is known for Today’s Best Music and The Wake-Up Show and the Cash Call Contest, that’s what your fans are thinking about when they search you out on the web.  Or follow you in social media.  Or opt in to your email list.  Or decide to get your texts.

Your website is the “drill-down” experience for your brand.  Your social media is the “backstage all-access pass” to your brand.  Your emails and texts … think of them as an older form of social media.

NOW, you can start making plans for your digital tools.  Take what’s beloved about your brand … and adapt it to how your fans use your different platforms.

To learn more about YOUR situation, click here to ask a question or suggest a blog topic.  Or, click Contact and let’s start talking!


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