Weekly Digital News Wrap: 10/28/11

Some helpful ideas, a look at who’s using Google+ (Google Plus), and … is it me, or does Tuesday afternoon’s quake seem like ancient history only a few days later?  Here’s your weekly news summary of digital stuff that’s going on so you’re smarter when you get back to work tomorrow.


Does anyone where you work take your digital assets for a test drive?  If you create an entry form for an important contest, do you get half-a-dozen “regular folks” around the office to try it out?  A little low-level beta-testing can save you a lot of embarrassment and hard work later on.  What will you be creating or starting this coming week?

Click here to read “Try To Be a Test User Sometime”


In earlier blog posts, I’ve recommended using a program to schedule your tweets and Facebook posts … especially if you’re using your social media to keep big fans coming back for specific listening occasions.  I like Hootsuite, but there are others, and here’s a view of one option.

Click here to read “How to Space Out Your Tweets Without Being Online All Day”


Products that are on the utilitarian side are trying different things to build enthusiasm and excitement to drive more social media sign-ups.  Earlier, we profiled Lysol, and how they’re working to take their fans “up a lifestyle level.”  Here’s a similar example, about how Bounce is using the name of their product to help them work on building an online community.

Click here to read “Bounce to Post Your Life Questions to Millions of Facebook Users”


If you’re reading what I’m reading about Google+ (“Google Plus”), Google’s way to compete with Faacebook, you’re reading a lot about the features that Google+ has, and how many people are signing up with Google+.  Unfortunately, for most marketers or broadcast programmers, this is not helpful information.  I’m still recommending that you just watch Google+ for the time being.  All those people going to Google+ are not spending much time there on average just yet.  And features?  Until those bring some eyeballs to your social media, who cares?

Click here to read “Who is Using Google+?”


Finally, this is not so much about earthquakes as it is about the seismic change in interaction that social media has brought our way … plus, it’s good for a grin or two.

Click here to read “Earthquake Exchange: Our Favorite Social Media Posts”

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