Digital News Roundup for Broadcasters, 9/4/11

When digital news carries a practical, real-life benefit for broadcasters, that’s when we bring it to your attention.  Here’s this week’s summary for you:


If you read a lot of radio and TV social media … as I do … you realize there is a real sameness about much of it.  Much of it may be somewhat entertaining, but has nothing to do with the brand of the station that’s posting it.  This piece is directed at social media folks who want to get and help more clients.  It’s a worthy read for anyone working with social media … or supervising people who work with social media … if you let it help you think of ways you could use your digital tools in new ways to reach your goals!

Click here to read “15 Case Studies to Get Your Client On Board With Social Media”


The amount of information … about how our fans act in the digital world … can be staggering.  For those of us who download ratings with a few keystrokes, or get that info from co-workers, it can be a wild game hunt just to track down basic information about page views at our websites.  SocialCode, an ad agency that deals solely with Facebook, compiled some information about how folks of different ages and genders tended to interact with brands on Facebook.  This is pertinent to you because you want to know that the content … and the actions you want your fans to take … are both congruent with your target and your brand.

Click here to read “Study: Women on Facebook Click More, Youth ‘Like’ More”


Here’s another quick, executive-summary style look at the same study from above.  By the way, “CTR” stands for click-through rate.

Click here to read “Facebook CTR by Age and Gender”


Almost all broadcasters are sending social media in real time.  That means that someone has to … on top of everything else they have to do … remember to tweet or post on social media about what they have going on.  Three good reasons to start scheduling more of your social media posts:

1.  You have contests, events, special on-air features or some other list of scheduled “stuff” going on that you want to make sure you let your biggest fans know about, maximizing the impact of what you’re doing.

2.  You don’t want your posts to “clump up” at one time of day.

3.  You are busy and want to compartmentalize your social media efforts.

I use Hootsuite, but there are other programs, too.  Here’s more.

Click here to read “HOW TO: Space Out Your Tweets Without Being Online All Day”


Here’s another quick bit of info that shows … once again … that what we’re sending people on Twitter (and Facebook) is not really hitting on the big reasons people are following our brands.

Click here to read “How Are People Using Twitter? [INFOGRAPHIC]”

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