Goldilocks and the Three Facebook Pages

When it comes to brands with Facebook pages, you mostly see two extremes.  However, what you want to be is just right.

Now, this is not just about broadcasters … this is about all brands.  Most attempts at linking up with Facebook fans come from two different approaches in content.

One, which is the type that a lot of radio stations take, is too soft.  They’re spewing out undifferentiated content at their fans.  Perhaps that’s a little harsh?  Once again this week, there was another social media presentation that showed that when people follow brands, they’re looking for discounts and contests before they’re looking for stuff that’s interesting or fun.

Choose almost any radio station in America.  Look at their Facebook page.  You will probably see a mish-mosh of content, much of which has a tenuous … at best … connection to the brand.  The folks posting to these pages probably feel like they’re really building meaningful rapport with their fans, when their fans are probably just confused … or have mentally tuned out.

These “too soft” pages are the folks who need to focus what they’re doing on Facebook.

Now, there’s another extreme in branded Facebook pages and the sort of content they have.  Yup, these are the pages that are too hard.  Often, you’ll see people selling or making hard goods who are over-the-top promotional in their approach.  Their posts are written like commercials … because they believe they have to sell their fans.

Truth is, those fans are already sold.  If I like Buicks or Bic lighters or Boston Market dinners … and I go on Facebook and “Like” those pages … my actions are saying, “I am one of your biggest fans, because I want to make it easier to know about and buy your stuff.”

So, you don’t need to sell these people.  You just need to make it super-easy for them to buy.  There’s a big difference there.

Radio stations that tend to speak on Facebook in Disc-Jockeyese are in this group.  On the air, we’re talking with lots of different people, with lots of different interest levels in our brand.  Some love us and are passionate about us.  Some like us but listen more to other stations.  Some found us by hitting “scan.”  Some walked into the convenience store where the clerk had us on the radio.  We’re trying to motivate all those different people to do something.

However, when someone follows us on Facebook, it’s a fair assumption that they don’t need selling … they need access.  So, what works is not poking and prodding, but openness and extra opportunity.

If you want your fans … and your brand, too … to get the most out of your Facebooking efforts, here’s what you do.  Focus on extra access and extra opportunities to win for your fans.  Phrase your posts in as few words as possible.  Two lines of text is better than three.  One line is better still.  Post links to pages of your website for extra access to meaningful stuff.  Give them hints of when to watch or listen to win good prizes or experience your best stuff.  Be conversational … not promotional.

That’s when you know you have a valuable branded Facebook page.  When it’s Just Right.


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