Coach … or Artist?

Ryan Wrecker of 104.9 The Eagle, Maverick Media’s Classic Rock station in Lima, Ohio, asks this question:

When it comes to social media, what type of person do you think is more successful — the “coach” or the “artist?”  Each has their own traits — the coach studies the game and spends endless hours looking at the opponents plays and forms his own strategies.  The artist looks at is as an art where talent beats strategy.

We all know people who are more brain than heart, or vice versa.  To be a good communicator in any medium, you need to have traits of both a brainy, planning coach and an expressive, compelling artist.

But does one have an advantage over the other?  In a pinch … for social media, since that’s what Ryan asked about … I’d say a coach could carry you longer than an artist.  Here’s why.

When someone decides to follow one of our brands in social media, it means the artist’s job was already done well.  It means that one of our big fans is searching us out to be closer to us than they already were.

So, if you had to choose, in the short term, you’d want to have a strategic-thinking coach handling social media posts.  Such a person could come up with well-thought out ways to use social media to bring people back to the brand … listening or viewing, depending on the sort of broadcast … and logging on to the website.  The downside could be that these posts might lack certain feeling the brand brings … or the artistry in execution that would cause people to really bond with the brand.

However, in a pinch, I’d take that downside.  That’s because I’d rather stay focused and on-message than have posts that might be more compelling or emotional … but that don’t build the brand.  The advantage in doing social media better than the other guys is that you use it to give your big fans more access to what they’re already starting to get from you.  It also gets more people using your brand more often.  That’s the advantage now … if and when other brands start to smarten up, the advantage might be more artistic in the future.

Interesting question, huh?  I still wouldn’t want to go either artist-free or coach-free for too long.  Thank goodness most of us … including most of us broadcasters … have both traits to different extents.  You don’t run into too many people who totally lack artistic qualities of any sort.  You also don’t find many people who are so creative they can’t do a little planning from time to time.

If you have a question about what you’re doing with your website or social media or your database emails or texting program, go here and ask away!  You may see your issue addressed here on the blog.


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