Digital News for Broadcasters, 9/11/11

Here’s the one news summary you may read all day that doesn’t flash back to 9/11.  I’m all about the present and the future, instead … and helping you be smarter for tomorrow.


Quite a few folks I’ve talked with have gotten distracted by the Pandora-ish feature that Clear Channel has built into their newly-reintroduced iHeartRadio platform.  Well … it’s hard to imagine that it’s there to go head-to-head with Pandora since it’s just one ingredient in their menu of features.  In addition, previous statements by Bob Pittman, CC’s chairman of media and entertainment platforms, have put this new feature in perspective … and one feature among many offered by iHeartRadio.  What it does show is the popularity of customizable music streams, and the power of adding that as one of many listening choices available to iHeartRadio users.  You may not even know that CBS’s app already allows for customized streams based on artist; kudos to Clear Channel for knowing how to roll this one out.

Click here to read “Clear Channel Bows iHeartRadio Platform”


Here’s one of those stories where the actual details are not as important as the interesting use of digital tools.  How often have we, in radio or TV, wished we could lower our average user age just by exposing ourselves to a younger group of potential fans?  So … what could YOU do with your digital tools to lower the age of your target … without significantly changing your overall product or marketing.  Oh, I got a couple of ideas.

Click here to read “‘Sports Illustrated’ Goes High-Tech in Search of Younger Readers”


Just because you hide away a video on a jock blog doesn’t mean it’s gonna get viewed.  Here’s a good piece with ideas on how to get more eyeballs headed towards your video efforts … whether you’re producing them yourself, or sharing what others have done.  By the way, want to know a 6th?  Talk about it on your own air, if it fits with your brand!

Click here to read “5 Tips for Getting More Video Views”


I’ve highly recommended programs like HootSuite to broadcasters who wanted to schedule multiple social media posts … especially ones having to do with regular content, like a daily feature or a major contest.  This article sheds doubt on that.  I still think if it’s a question of getting the posts done in advance or not getting them done at all … do ’em in advance!  However, I’ll be keeping my eyes on this issue.  I suspect it has to do more with posts on topics that are getting lumped into groups on Facebook, which is a new trend … but it bears watching nonetheless.

Click here to read “Facebook Fail: Posting via Other Apps Can Cut Likes & Comments by 88%”


This is especially pertinent for radio stations that play all-holiday music between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it’s worth a quick read for many of us.  By the way, where they say “sales,” think “promotions, special features and special events.”

Click here to read “5 Social Media Tips for the Holiday Season”

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