Digital News for Broadcasters, 9/18/11

Here’s your weekly summary of digital news, with an eye towards making you smarter in a very practical way for work.


A new study from Nielsen shows that social media is not only one of the biggest reasons to go online nowadays, but it’s Facebook where people are going … and spending a hell of a lot of time.  In addition, Facebook has a widespread appeal that looks like a small-market country radio station, where nearly everyone of any age in that town listens to that particular station.  On top of that … to turn our perceptions on their head, a larger-and-larger-all-the-time segment of folks 55+ are accessing the web on their mobile device.  Hello, future!

Click here to read the results of “State of the Media:  The Social Media Report”


Last month, we blogged about how TV was better at web content than radio ’cause they posted, and directed people to, content on their site and in social media that really had to do with their brand.  Often, that’s about the news, weather and sports that folks still turn to local TV for.

TV networks are starting to really understand and refine the “second screen” experience.  That’s where we watch something on TV, and engage with others about it in social media.  It seems to me this is something that radio talk shows and high-profile morning shows could do on a regular basis.  I can help you get started with that if sparks your interest.

Here are two examples from TV:

Click here to read “CBS Embraces Social Media for Fall TV Launch”

Click here to read “The Charlie Sheen Roast:  Comedy Central’s Ambitious Social Media Experiment”


If you do nothing else than share this article about usability with everyone who posts content on your site, you will be doing a good thing for your web visitors … and your web stats.  You don’t even have to read the whole thing.  Read and follow the “What You Can Do” tips to get ahead.

Click here to read “7 Best Practices for Improving Your Website’s Usability”

Creating a microsite is something that you only want to do under very, very special circumstances.  But … if you have a special huge annual event you do, or a very big contest designed to drive ratings, revenue and web hits, you might want to think about it.  There are good reasons to do one and good reasons not to do one.  Read up on them and you’ll be readier for the time that you might want to create one.

Click here to read “4 Tips for Creating a Viral Branded Microsite”


If you haven’t yet, you might have a good reason to create a branded photo contest to drive engagement, or get people from one platform to another.  I find people are more and more likely to share photos all the time, whether it’s to enter a contest or just be engaged with others.  Here are some good ideas about that:

Click here to read “7 Tops for Designing a Successful Photo Contest”

You can stay up on stories like these on a daily basis when you join our Chris Miller Digital page on Facebook.  Click here to join.  If you’d like to ask any questions about using your digital platforms, click here and fill out the form.

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