Little Kindnesses as a Big Tactic

In New Orleans, they have a word for it:  Lagniappe.


It’s pronounced “LAN-yap,” and it’s a little unexpected something you get while doing business with someone.  It’s a technique that people have been using for years to make ordinary customers into fans for life.

For brands in general … and especially media brands … social media is a great way to give big fans a little lagniappe.

Because your big fans already enjoy what you do for them, they take a different form of motivation than your ordinary, garden variety consumer.

They know about you.  They know what you do.  If you’re a radio brand, the challenge is not to remind them what you do and why you’re there.


Even if you’re their favorite station, there are plenty of times during the week that they probably don’t think about turning you on.  that’s why you can get them to follow you on Facebook, and then give them:

  • reminders of regular contests you do
  • reminders of programming features you do
  • special off-air contests to play along with
  • special content on your website and on Facebook to enhance their current listening experience
  • advance notice of what the morning show’s going to talk  about
  • special ways to contribute to the morning show
  • special clues to win contests you’re doing on the air

… and so on.  I’ll bet you can think of ways to spiff your biggest fans … now it’s just a matter of how to adapt it to your digital tools.


The example given for lagniappe that I found online over and over was a thirteenth donut, for free, in addition to the dozen you bought … just to say “thanks” for the business, and make you feel special.

So you can give your biggest fans a little Facebook lagniappe to help enhance your listening occasions.  You could use a few more listening occasions from your heavy listeners, couldn’t you?

Yesterday, you may not have known the word lagniappe.  Three years ago, you may have never heard about Facebook.  Now you can use them both to help your fans love you more.


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