Sunday’s News To Make You Even Smarter For Monday

Boy, it was a huge week in the social media realm, with Facebook’s F8, their annual developers conference.  Most of the digital news of practical use for broadcasters had to do with that.


This week, Facebook radically changed the look of its site.  In the short run, we heard a lot of bitching and moaning from our Facebook friends!  In the long run … they want to be the social platform for all online commerce and relationships.

Click here to read “F8 2011: Facebook’s 7 Biggest Announcements From The Event”.  This is just a good quick overview of the developments from this week’s conference.

Click here to read “Prepare Yourselves: Facebook To Be Profoundly Changed”.  It’s another short summary piece, full of photographs of the annual F8 event.

Click here to read “Facebook Announces Huge Music Sharing Component” from the guys at RAMP.  This will help bring you up to date on how the changes affect the personal use of music.

Finally, if you have an hour and a half or so, you can watch the entire F8 keynote address … Click here to watch it in its entirety.  However … if you only have ten minutes, watch the first part where Andy Samberg, known for his work on Saturday Night Live, impersonates Facebook head honcho Mark Zuckerberg.  It’s pretty damn funny.

From a practical standpoint, there’s not a lot that you need to do this week to adjust to Facebook changes.  However, the Clear Channel folks should have been pleased when iHeartRadio was mentioned from the stage, touted for its social-ness.  One side note … if you enter “” in your browser, it’ll still take you there … but the address will change to “”  Wonder what this means?


Newspapers are taking steps to be a bigger part of the daily deals phenomenon.  At a time when Groupon‘s competitors are having a hard time with it, newspapers are looking at this as being another arrow in their quiver to do local business.  Many radio stations have taken a stab at this, in one form or another, and the results overall have been mixed.  My personal experience is that the discount certificates for things people want to go to end up selling fast.  All the others are a painful struggle for station and client alike when they don’t move.  It’s hard to see how that turns into a long-term side business for radio, with a limited base for repeat business.  Plus, listeners are never going to have enough room in their busy brains to tack “discount coupons” onto their limited memories of their favorite radio brands.

Click here to read “iCircular: Newspapers’ Latest Weapon in the War Against Decline.”


With the focus on social media these days, it’s important to remember that half of the world’s population has an email address, and this is still an excellent way to get information out to people who … maybe years ago … decided to “follow” you using email.

It’s also a good time to re-commit to making your email a useful tool to engage with and use your brand.  Make sure you give those on your email list unique content or special information about your brand that they can’t get anywhere else.

Click here to read “Picture Proof of Email’s Value.

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