How To Know If Your Social Media’s Working

I hear from people that one of my most helpful posts has been the Chris Miller Digital Brand-Building Web Content Check List.  That was the article where you could go through and judge … for yourself … if your website was working for you.

How about something similar for your social media?  This one will be really, really simple.

You don’t have to count anything.  You don’t have to think very hard about it.  Here’s what matters:

Your social media (Facebook or Twitter) should be talking in a meaningful way to your biggest fans, getting them back to your broadcast or your website.  That means giving people clear, benefit-based reasons to listen to your broadcast or your stream, or getting people to your website.

It might be to hear something … or enter to win something … or engage with your morning show … or … whatever.  If you’re working to get your biggest fans back to your broadcast and your website with real benefits (not typical hype), you’re on your way.

Ready?  Here’s what you do.

  1. Pull up your brand’s Facebook page or Twitter feed.
  2. Get a sense of, on one hand, how much good brand-building you’re doing.  On the other hand, see how much dead-end wheel-spinning you’re doing.  

That dead-end wheel spinning is when you post something that might be entertaining, but doesn’t have anything to do with your media brand.  It might make you smile.  But it won’t end up lining your pocket or making your fans enjoy your brand any more.

Start by looking back through a couple of days.  I’d be interested to hear what you find!


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