Special Digital News for Broadcasters, Sun 10/2

Facebook continued sucking all the air out of the digital world this week, as coverage continued of last week’s major changes and announcements from their F8 developers’ conference.


We still haven’t seen exactly what new Facebook brand pages will look like, but we’ve seen some speculation that we’ll be able to make them look slicker and more graphic than we have so far.  I have to admit that the curmudgeon in me is a little suspicious of going overboard about this:

1)  Many, many of our fans … once they “like” us … don’t come back to the brand page; they see our posts on their news feed.

2)  In any event, are you going to benefit from people repeatedly going to your Facebook brand page?  No, you want them to see your stuff on their page, engage with it, and go to your broadcast and webpage (or do something else that will help you reach your goals).

3)  In this environment, is being big and slick the right way to get our message across?  I could make an argument that if you are focusing on your biggest, most brand-involved fans, you’d want your graphic approach to look more one-on-one than spectacular.

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Remember when radio just competed with newspaper and TV and outdoor for advertising dollars?  Radio was the targeted medium.  Now … the web can get far more targeted than radio.  A lot of small businesses still don’t see the benefit in social media, so, Facebook is giving away a ton of free advertising to change some minds.

Click here to read “Facebook Gives $10 Million in Free Advertising to Small Businesses”


Each one of us who has both personal and professional contacts on social media has to decide just how open we want to be about our personal lives.  Plus, nothing on the web really goes away; it’s possible that years from now, Google will continue to find posts you put up today.  With all the recent Facebook changes, this article is something we should all put a little thought into.

Click here to read “Facebook Users Beware: Facebook’s New Feature Could Embarrass You”


QR codes are those boxy-looking bar codes you’re seeing sprout up.  I’m convinced that smart brands can learn to use QR codes to benefit clients and raise some extra revenue.  With more and more people of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds going mobile, this could help drive some more business.

Click here to read “Beginner’s Guide to QR Code Marketing”


Finally, thanks to my friend, AC consultant Gary Berkowitz for inviting me to be a part of his latest email newsletter, with some proven tips to increase both audience ratings, and web and social media interaction!  So many newsletters are just trying to sell you instead of help you, but Gary’s newsletter always has useful info in it.


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