Monday Morning Focus, 10/3/11

Monday mornings are tough enough.  But they’re also a great time to get started on something new, or to change your mind with a new way to approach a situation.

Let’s go to your heaviest users and get them to use your product one extra time.  One extra time, above and beyond how often they would normally use you.  What do you have coming up today or tomorrow that you could tell them about in your social media?

You could go on your brand’s Facebook page, and be completely transparent about EXACTLY when something good is going to happen.  For my radio friends, this might be a contest, special song or morning show bit.  For TV folks, it might be a special news feature or something happening on a show.  For record labels, you might give your Facebook fans a link to buy tickets to a show in advance, or see a special, “real-life” artist video.

Don’t worry yet about committing yet to doing this every single time.  Just take a step in the direction of giving your Facebook fans an all-access pass to your brand!

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