Monday Morning Focus, 10/10/11

Today, October 10th, is Columbus Day in the US (it’s also Thanksgiving Day in Canada; best wishes from south of the border!).

Columbus’s journey was far more treacherous than figuring out how to embrace and monetize digital media.  There are parallels between the two, however!

Christopher Columbus had a vision.  He rounded up supporters and resources.  He took steps to start his journey even though he didn’t know exactly where it would end up … or how.  Once on his way, he constantly re-evaluated to adjust his course.

For those of us in the media and entertainment fields, our old ways of doing things are a powerful magnet that can keep us from stepping out into the new world.  It’s easy to say that, instead of stepping into new media, we should stick to our core business (I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve heard that).

But how do you define your core business?  Does it revolve around having a transmitter, or some other technological device?  Or … does it revolve around having passionate fans?

Plus … are you willing to take small steps in search of your big destination?  Fear is a big motivator that keeps us from taking on new projects.  Still, even if the new digital world confuses or worries you, you can re-chart your course anytime you need to.  You just have to keep your eyes and your brain open for the journey!


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