Media Brand Posts I <3 on Facebook

Been a while since I highlighted some good examples of branded social media posts, so let’s get to it!


Greater Media’s Country 102.5 in Boston had this classically simple, powerful post that totally speaks to the target and ties back to the brand.  Knowing the country audience, I know that a new video from Dierks Bentley is a great use of digital assets, to expand the brand out beyond the broadcast to digital platforms.  They could have improved it by posting the video at their website, so they got credit for the web hits instead of Vevo.  Still, it’s a win for the brand.


Gannett’s 11Alive, the NBC affiliate in Atlanta, showed this unique bit of transparency covering some local news.  This night, a small plane crashed near a suburban airport, and they asked on Facebook if anyone had seen anything.  What I want to know is … why don’t we see more of this?!  Not just from TV news … but media brands of all sorts could create and screen content more immediately by simply asking for help and input from their biggest fans.


Alpha Broadcasting’s KUPL in Portland is not the only station that lets fans use Facebook to participate in the sound of the station, but this is one good example of how to do so.  They have a daily feature where their big fans get extra access to the brand using social media to vote on different songs.  This is so much better than the typical throwaway Facebook post that media brands tend to toss on their Facebook wall.  This can actually help create extra listening occasions … which means this is a brand-building post in my book!


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