Sunday Digital News, 10/23/11

Let’s get you into the new week, even smarter than you normally are.  Here are this week’s news stories for media folks about the new digital world.


This should be a surprise to nobody … BUT:  Have you ever accessed social media on a phone?  There are a few things to remember.  It’s just a bigger reason to keep your posts short, pertinent and make sure they pass the “who cares?” test.  You can’t just go scanning past the boring stuff as easily on a smartphone!

Also … if you’re a radio station, much of that accessing social media on a mobile device is done is a car.  Inches from the radio.  Make sure you remember to tell people reasons to turn on your brand that they’ll find meaningful.

Click to read “Social Networking on Mobile Devices Skyrockets”


Not only can you buy TV ad schedules through Google, you can also get information about search trends that might affect your business from them.

Click to read “Google Now Selling TV Ads Linked to Search Data”


There’s been a fair amount of drama in the radio world about Pandora.  How much of a competitor is Pandora?  Are they “real” radio?  How should radio react to Pandora, if at all?  Now, Spotify gets a big boost in awareness as a result of recent Facebook changes.  Here’s more about that.

Click to read “Why Pandora Isn’t Scared of Spotify”


While TV and print aren’t doing a perfect job of social media, they’re more strategic and focused than at least 95% of the radio stations running a Facebook page.  Here are some more tips about getting serious about social media.

Click to read “10 Things You Should Include in a Social Media Plan”

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