Copy These Good Examples

A picture is worth a thousand words … so here are some examples of good social media posts.  These Facebook examples actually work to build the brands of the stations that posted them.


Star 94 is Lincoln Financial’s Hot AC in Atlanta.  Every year, they do a huge local concert called “Jingle Jam.”

One would safely assume that their biggest fans are the ones most interested in the show.  So, they build a listening appointment around the announcement of a new act being added to the existing line-up for this year’s show.  They used their Facebook page to promote it.  They also added a little engagement tag to it, asking if anyone had any guesses.  I didn’t show all the responses, but you can see after 5 hours they had 28 responses on their brand page.


One of Star 94’s competitors, B98.5, also gets kudos today.  Cox Media Group’s Atlanta Adult Contemporary station has a major contest going on, and they are using their Facebook page to give their biggest fans an extra advantage in winning.

Would you do something like this?  This is the sort of thing I’ve been recommending for months, where you use your social media like and airline would use their list of frequent fliers.  You’d treat them to something good for being loyal, heavy users.

B98.5 is likely to get extra listening occasions out of people who are already have a predisposition to listen.  Those should be the easiest people to have turn you on more often.


Sandusky’s Alternative Click 98.9 in Seattle made a smart assumption.  Once their fans learned to appreciate Florence & The Machine, they might like to hear more … but on-air might not be the right venue to hear the whole CD.  Would their big fans, who are following them in social media, like to know they have an opportunity to hear that CD before it’s released?  Hell, yeah.  Great use of their Facebook page.

Too bad the link doesn’t seem to be at their website, because that’s where media users expect to find something like that.  They assume that if they hear about it on our radio station, or see it on our TV station, or read it in our newspaper, that they should be able to go online and find out more deep, focused information or entertainment.  That’s my only criticism here:  whenever you link from Facebook to your website, you show people that your site is where the info that relates to your brand is.  It also gives you the practical benefit of upping your web stats with extra page hits.


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