Web Hits That Are Crack Cocaine

The title of this blog post refers to the stuff you have at your website that gets you tons of hits … BUT DOESN’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOUR BRAND!


I was having coffee recently with someone who was talking about how male-skewing radio stations get caught up in posting “Hot Babe” galleries.  There are managers … market managers, program directors, promotion managers … who are very much on the fence about these galleries.  Deep in their heart of hearts, they know there is zero brand-building going on as a result of these photos.

Gratuitous Hot Babe

However, sometimes these Hot Babe photo galleries get more hits than anything else on the website.  The sales department is hesitant to give up the clicks that make it more attractive to sell advertising.  What’s a good brand manager to do?

Drop that crap.  Yeah, those pics get hits.  When you do a Google search for “radio station babes,” you find a lot of radio brands that get a lot of web activity from those galleries.  Your challenge should be to create web content that makes your website a destination that fits with your brand, however.


Now, I’m not criticizing such content from a moral standpoint.  If your brand created a “Hot Babes” calendar that somehow fit into your market, perhaps with a local charity angle, that’s one thing.  I’m talking about the practice of posting pics … or anything online … that is there simply to scoop up clicks rather than build the brand.  The secret to 21st century brand management is that you’re running different platforms with different purposes, but they all play into your one brand.

There are rock stations and news/talk stations and sports stations all over the US that rely on photos of attractive women to get lots of views on their website.  You sort of have to see yourself as a multi-layered Maxim-type brand to rationalize the place of these photos on your radio brand website.  However, galleries like these … or, frankly, many online photo galleries of all types … are a cheap-and-easy way of running up your web stats.  It’s like eating lots of junk food instead of a sensible meal.  It feels good and keeps your numbers up, today … but doesn’t do anything to build your brand in the real marketplace.


So take that stuff down.  Take down the hot babe pics, take down the hot firefighter pics, take down the cute pet pics, take down the cute baby pics.  Take down the celebrity plastic surgery pics, take down the “here’s what they used to look like” pics, take down the funny “separated at birth-type” pics.  They have nothing to do with your brand.  They just run up your numbers in a way that leads to you spending time looking for more ways to run up your web stats, distracting you from the real job of running your brand.  Quit kidding yourself, and focus on what makes your brand great.

A-tier radio stations don’t get their numbers from D-cups.


FOLLOW-UP ON 1/19/12:  Click here to read Instant Brand Management to learn what to do instead of maintaining your hot babe online galleries.



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