When To Blow Up Your Product

Are your digital platforms just tacked on to your product?

Or, are your website and social media and whatever else you got really seamlessly interwoven into your product?   It would make a difference.


Real people (those folks who use our products) already pretty much know how they want to use our stuff.  We just don’t always give them the chance.

Of the different types of “old media,” newspapers have probably truly embraced their digital tools the most.  That might be because they had to, or face their demise!  I can think of a number of papers that have shrunk the size of their printed editions … even using smaller paper, not just printing fewer pages.  At the same time, they’ve committed to updating their online editions in real time with the freshest and most accurate news for their markets.  In the process, they’ve not only saved some eyeballs from the ones they would have lost with people fading away from printed newspapers, they’ve also scooped up some news consumers from TV news operations (both broadcast and online).

So, for people to really “get” your digital offerings … and for you to really focus on the best digital content … do you need to re-introduce your media brand?  You know, with all your new-media bells and whistles doing the right stuff, and calling attention to it by selling yourself as the “All-New Whatever Your Name Is?”


I haven’t heard anyone suggest this idea.  As a guy who’s been in radio most of my career, I can hear radio stations that could use this as a reason to re-think all the things they do inbetween the songs or the talk segments.  Not everyone would need to do this, but if you’re not hitting audience ratings or website numbers that you’d like, this is something to think about.

Maybe there are things you do that you do because everyone has always done them that way.  Are those things helping you?  Or are they just a habit?  Sometimes the biggest changes we could make are invisible.  We can’t see them because we don’t see other ways of doing things other than the ways we’ve always done them.

Some changes are do-able, but take a lot of political backbone and internal marketing.  Tuesday’s post about the Hot Babe Photo Gallery Phenomenon is an example of that.  It’s often easier if top executives make that call, because people in a number of departments have a stake in keeping those things going … a stake that has nothing to do with the brand.

Here’s another thought.  Some changes that do a better job integrating your digital platforms would lead to better radio.  Often, we don’t see those changes because we’re frustrated with the state of broadcasting today, and don’t see the opportunities and possibilities for real people to enjoy our brands in new ways.


So think about it.  Could you do a better job entertaining your target audience if you redesigned and re-introduced your brand … or even just parts of it … in a way that really wraps your arms around how people want to use your website and social media?

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