Sunday Digital News, 11/6/11

How one TV network is using social media to get more viewing … why you can’t ingore social media any longer … and more.  Here’s this week’s digital news for media brand people, so you’re just that much smarter when you go back to work tomorrow.

Sorry, this is the weekly DIGITAL news


This is not the first time that CBS has done something like this, so you gotta see they’re seeing some effect from creating “second screen” experiences around their new TV shows.  They’re using social media to join people together to turn the solitary experience of watching TV into a shared group experience.  This is more than just adding more content on a separate channel, which is what people have grown to expect from our websites.  This is about getting together with others who have similar interests, which really changes the viewing experience.

Click here to read “CBS Supercharges Sweeps Week with Social Media”


For so many years, all media brands were one-way experiences.  Print, TV, radio … it all basically went one direction, from the content provider to the content customer.  Yeah, there were letters to the editor and request shows and so forth to allow a tiny bit of give and take, but that didn’t change the power of having a media brand.  Now, the exchange goes in three directions … from brand to consumer, from consumer to brand, and from consumer to consumer (regarding the brand).  So, if you work for a media brand, or use media brands to get your information out to the consumer … woe be unto you if you ignore how the info flow works these days!

Click here to read “5 Reasons Why Ignoring Negative Social Media is a Career Ender…”


Creating a good customer service experience is important for any brand.  Lots of media brands have multiple customer bases … viewers/listeners/readers, advertisers, share holders, our co-workers …..

Click here to read “7 Ways to Create a Memorable Customer Experience With Social Media”


So often, when we talk about social media or other digital content and tools, we are just working on tacking stuff on to our product, rather than strategically integrating it.  I posted this blog post this week about that.  Plus, this article below shows that it’s not easy to really look at ourselves and our brand; it’s easier just to start spinning more plates, instead!

Click here to read “When It Comes to Social Media, Companies Need to Look In Before Looking Out”


I think this piece has some interesting points and some useful info in it.  I’m a little hesitant to stick a fork in “outbound marketing.”  As an entrepreneur in the digital world, I can tell you there is still a need for good, solid, strategic outbound marketing.  You’re not gonna hit your budget numbers simply putting all your eggs in the “inbound marketing” basket.  However … it does go to show some of the key changes in the world of marketing.

Click here to read “Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing”


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