Sunday Digital News, 11/13/11

What happens when you get arrogant and self-centered on your social media?  Read the Chapstick story below.  Also, a bunch of helpful hints to make you EVEN SMARTER come Monday.  Plus, more evidence about why your fans want to interact with you on social media … it distracts them from what they HAVE to do!


What’s the biggest challenge to doing super-effective social media?  It might be your attitude.  Corporations can sometimes be arrogant, self-centered and egotistical about what they do, and overly sensitive about criticism.  However, our fans expect us to listen, and to be open to what they have to say.  If you’re not up for some two-way communication, you might not be ready for Facebook and Twitter.  Check out this frightening story about how Chapstick blew it in multiple ways … with their fans who signed up to follow their social media!

Click here to read “Chapstick – Another Example of a Brand Who Doesn’t Get Social Media, No Butts About It”


I’ve been impressed by TV’s moves to use social media to get extra attention from fans while watching their shows.  Here’s a post from this past week you may have missed.  What we’re seeing is that the more someone can do with their mobile device, the more they’re likely to spend time doing so … including when they’re watching TV.

Click here to read “80% of Smartphone Users Multitask While Watching TV”


Here are three recent articles with some thoughts that you may find helpful and on-target.

So many people I talk to are just running harder, doing more … and not doing as good a job on the stuff they need to get done as they used to.  Or … they’re giving up, and focusing on a few things but letting others go.  So here are a dozen practical thought-starters, one or two of which may be perfect for your situation.

Click here to read “12 Tips to Make Your Company More Creative”

Your media brand may be part of a large corporation, or may even have hundreds of people walking around the halls.  However, we’re often most powerful when we relate with others on a one-to-one scale, so here are some video tips for small businesses … or big ones who want to be personal.

Click here to read “6 Best Practices For Small Business YouTube Marketing”

I’m still no fan of Google+.  It may have cool features and apps … but the people aren’t there.  However, if you’re going ahead with it, here are some tips for your.

Click here to read “How to Set Up a Google+ Brand Page”


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