Something You Can Be Thankful For

Here’s something to be thankful for during this short Thanksgiving week.  Based on your knowledge of “old” media … and the way we’ve done it for years … you already know more about digital media than you may think you do.


You probably already know how to keep the clutter down on your own air.  Do you also focus on a target listener or viewer or reader?  You’re most of the way there.  Now all you have to do is bring those standards and focus to what you’re doing online.

Click here to read You Know More Than You Think, from Chris Miller Digital on 5/9/11.


When you win, you focus on the viewers or listeners who will spend the most time with your brand.  When it comes to your broadcast, you don’t mess around with people who don’t care about what you offer.

So why are you spreading yourself thin digitally?  Go to digital school on what you already know.

Click here to read What We Can Learn From … Our Own Broadcasts, from Chris Miller Digital on 6/16/11.


If you’re with a radio brand, most likely what you’re known for is a particular type of music.  Yet … when it comes to web content and social media (and database emails and texting) … why do you think your music fans want to hear about everything but your music?

You know I’m right!

Click here to read Lead With Your Strength, from Chris Miller Digital on 5/16/11.


There’ll be no blog post on Thursday of this week.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving!  Remember, you can always keep up with all our latest information at our Facebook page.


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