Sunday Digital News, 12/4/11

Sunday’s the day we work to make you even smarter about digital stuff that’s happening in the news, so you’re ready to hit the workplace on Monday showing off your brilliance!


Amy Jo Martin, Shaq’s social media expert, has had some great ideas on how to use Twitter to break down barriers between Shaq and his fans.  What would she do with a media brand?  Could be exciting.

Click here to read Shaq’s Social Media Guru Shares Her Secrets

The WWE has become a huge sports entertainment brand based on big personalities interacting when put into different situations (i.e., matches) together.  So is it any wonder they’ve gone to town on social media?  See if you pick up any ideas for your media brand from this article.

Click here to read Boots to Asses—WWE Social Media Strategy Leaves Others In The Dust


I’m a fan of what some network TV shows have done with social media, to engage fans and especially encourage the “second screen” experience that I’ve written about before.  Here’s a chart showing some of the top TV social experiences for a recent week.

Click here to read 20 TV Shows With the Most Social Media Buzz This Week


When you run a website, you ordinarily don’t have some of the easy solutions for content that we tend to in broadcasting … like “songs” and “syndicated talk shows” and “network programming.”  Here’s a good article with some process- and strategy-oriented thoughts about how to do content … and market content … best.

Click here to read Top 10 Tips for Better Content Marketing

This next article is worth a read, but don’t automatically just plug in these content types online.  The most useful thoughts here are general guidelines, but think about how this fits with content types that make sense for your brand.

Click here to read Drive Higher Engagement with These Content Types


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